Herbs and Mushrooms to Support Adrenal Function and Well-Being*


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Herbs and Mushrooms to Support Adrenal Function and Well-Being*

Herbs and Mushrooms to Support Adrenal Function and Well-Being*

Herbs and Mushrooms to Promote Calmness*

In the current atmosphere of modern technology, we are used to fast-paced, go-getting lifestyles. We can get caught up in the flow of doing, revved up by adrenaline, often feeling guilty when we aren’t constantly being productive. The normal occasional stress of a demanding workload and family life, among other daily stressors, can keep us in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode when we are likely not in real ‘life or death’ danger. However, many herbs and mushrooms can play a role in supporting the nervous system.*



Nervine Herbs to Support the Nervous System*

Nervines are a classification of herbs that support balance in the nervous system.* Ranging from mildly calming to sedative, these plant allies assist the body and mind in relieving occasional muscle tension, promoting calm, and supporting a healthy natural transition to sleep.*

Ashwagandha is one of the most well known adaptogens, which supports the body's natural stress response. This herb is great for supporting your system as you prepare for your natural transition to sleep and relaxation. Additionally, it is decadent and creamy in tincture form which makes our CALM blend delicious.* 

Passionflower is a beautiful and unique flower traditionally used as a calming nervine.* It is known to support relaxation throughout the body and mind.*

Mushroom Revival's CALM Tincture

As an adaptogen, Reishi supports the nervous system, which promotes energy, stamina, as well as the ability to support your body's natural response to occasional stress and fatigue.* Studies have shown that this mushroom can support sleep quality, especially in cases of occasional restlessness* Reishi can be a helpful sedative in the short term, but long term supports the body in building stamina.*

Take time for self-care and shop our Mushroom Revival tasty CALM Reishi Blend! Support your mind and body with other relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or massage, as well as a balanced diet!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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