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Obsessed with the
Healing Powers Of Cordyceps

Revive your health. Energize yourself.

Obsessed with the
Healing Powers of Mushrooms

Revive your Health. Feel yourself.

Obsessed with the
Healing Powers of Lion's Mane

Revive your health. Focus yourself.

Obsessed with the
Healing Powers Of Reishi

Revive your health. Calm yourself.

For Mind, Body & Soul

"Love. This. The Cinnamon is my favorite part. I take this midday with my beet juice and it gets me through the rest of the day without the anxiety and jitters of coffee. Highly recommend."

Cassie B.

"I found this stuff definitely gives me more energy by just taking a couple/few drops everyday. Will be subscribing for monthly delivery. :)"

Kade A.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I have gotten server friends using it. I even got my boss at work using it. It boosts my energy and stamina. My attitude has improved. I highly recommend it."

Anntyia V.


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      Meet Michroma — an innovative startup from Indie Bio making natural food and cosmetic dyes from fungi! We are joined by co-founder Ricky Cassini, a young entrepreneur and newfound scientist to talk about Michroma's projects and how impactful this research and development is for industrial colorants. Ricky shares some intriguing insights to their process of working with filamentous fungi and how the team is optimizing their methods...
  • Are Mushrooms Good for Dogs?

    We know mushrooms are good for humans, but what about for dogs? Today we are joined by the eloquent and wonderful vet, Dr. Patti Mayfield to talk about just that. We begin by discussing canine heath as whole, where Dr. Mayfield lays a groundwork for the do's and don'ts for good health in dogs. Then we discuss the supportive qualities of mushrooms and other herbs in a dog's health and wellbeing. Prepare for some wonderful conversation...