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  • Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture
  • Reishi Calm Tincture
  • Lion's Mane Focus Tincture
  • Cordyceps Energy Tincture
  • Revive Your Health Bundle
  • Bedtime Bundle (CALM + FOCUS)
  • AM + PM Bundle (ENERGY + CALM)
  • Get Sh!t Done (ENERGY + FOCUS)
  • Immune Support Bundle (CALM + DAILY 10)
  • Superhuman Bundle (DAILY 10 + ENERGY)

"Love. This. The Cinnamon is my favorite part. I take this midday with my beet juice and it gets me through the rest of the day. Highly recommend."

Cassie B.

"I found this stuff definitely gives me more energy by just taking a couple/few drops everyday. Will be subscribing for monthly delivery. :)"

Kade A.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I have gotten server friends using it. I even got my boss at work using it. It boosts my energy and stamina. My attitude has improved. I highly recommend it."

Anntyia V.