7 Nootropic Mushrooms: The Ultimate Guide

7 Nootropic Mushrooms: The Ultimate Guide

7 Nootropic Mushrooms: The Ultimate Guide

Nootropic mushrooms are the key to support uplifting your health with all-natural resources. Although you might be familiar with the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, nootropic mushrooms go even further - providing supportive effects.

What can nootropic mushrooms do for your brain health and mood?

Keep reading as we explore seven different nootropic mushrooms and the potential beneficial compounds they provide to your body to support brain health, mood stability, and overall well-being. Join us on our journey and check out our blogs, podcasts, and mushroom guides to learn more.

What Exactly Are Nootropic Mushrooms?

Nootropic mushrooms, also known as functional mushrooms, are a type of mushrooms that have benefits extending beyond their nutritional value. They have been used for centuries in Eastern herbal and holistic healing practices and have recently been adopted in the West as supplements.

While many nootropic mushrooms are edible mushrooms that you can easily incorporate into your favorite recipes, some are not. Since gaining the benefits of nootropic mushrooms requires a significant and consistent daily dose, consuming enough to get the full advantage can be difficult. This is why it's recommended to incorporate a mushroom supplement into your diet instead - such as capsules, tinctures, powders, or gummies.

7 Top Nootropic Mushrooms

Let's meet your body's new best friends! Here are 7 nootropic mushrooms you should consider adding to your supplement routine!

Lion's Mane Nootropic Mushroom

Lion’s Mane

Lion's mane mushrooms are known for their distinctive appearance. They have long white tendrils cascading from the mushroom cap, making them appear like a lion's mane. Lion's mane mushroom supplements are gaining popularity in wellness due to their focus, concentration, and mood support benefits. Do you find yourself feeling like a zombie when midday hits? Lion's mane mushrooms support your brain to stave off brain fog.

To support brain health, the lion's mane offers beneficial compounds that fuel and support your memory, mood, and focus. It also helps the nerve growth factor accountable for replenishing lost nerve cells. You'll notice that lion's mane equips you to maintain steady mood levels throughout the day and that you're forgetting your keys less often. You'll feel sharp as a tack with a lion's mane in your supplement routine!


Tremella mushrooms are part of the adaptogenic mushroom family, meaning they support the body in maintaining homeostasis as a response to occasional stress. Adaptogens support the body's natural ability to 'adapt' to occasional stress. Stress can take a toll on our bodies over time - which is why adding adaptogenic supplements to your routine can support your overall health and feelings of wellness.

Tremella has also been shown to have neuroprotective properties that can support brain health. It has also been shown to promote healthy nerve cells and support normal cell turnover. 

And the best part is that tremella mushrooms are edible! It can be the perfect addition to a delicious dish or you can enjoy its benefits from a mushroom 


Also known as “magic mushrooms”, psilocybin mushrooms are known for their psychedelic properties due to their chemical agent - psilocybin, and their potential benefits over mental health concerns.

According to Dr. James Fadima, some of the benefits of microdosing Psilocybin are:

  • Supports mental health and helps in addressing mental concerns 
  • Promotes mood improvement by making you feel happier
  • Supports focus and concentration
  • Supports healthy sleep cycles
  • Promotes creative thinking of an individual which leads them to think outside the box.
  • Supports pain relief by decreasing the perception of pain

Psilocybin mushrooms are still illegal in most states but there is a promising future for psilocybin. Check out our post about Everything You Need to Know About Microdosing Psilocybin for more information on this topic!


Cordyceps mushrooms are famed for being the 'olympic mushroom'. They're highly popular supplements for professional athletes due to their support for cardiovascular health and athletic performance. They're easily recognized by their cute, tiny, and orange appearance. Their stalks are long, and their caps are cute as a button.

They're extremely rich in the compound adenosine, which is known to support respiratory function and oxygen absorption. Maximizing your body's ability to absorb oxygen from the air will stimulate improved functioning for brain cells and muscle performance, providing your body's tissues and organs with the fuel they need to perform efficiently.

By supporting your cardiovascular health, you can increase blood flow to the brain and encourage healthy repair of brain cells. Cardiovascular health enables healthy brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which encourages stronger cell repair in the brain.

Consider adding cordyceps mushrooms to your daily routine to receive health benefits that make you feel like a gym boss and a sharp-witted savant in the office!


Shiitake mushrooms are a popular Japanese mushroom that you might find in your ramen noodles. They're not just edible; they're extremely delicious, too! This edible mushroom is known for providing the following beneficial nutrients and compounds for the body:

  • Provides 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans that This makes it a powerful tool for supporting brain health and cardiovascular health.
  • Provides antioxidant support that help the body fight off free radicals which can cause 

Shiitake is one to consider for your next stew, pie, ramen, or lasagne recipe - and will provide you with the best of nature's wonderful gifts for your health.


Reishi mushrooms are easily distinguished by their unique kidney shape. They have a shiny cap and a brown appearance. Though reishi mushrooms provide many wonderful benefits for the body, you wouldn't want to eat them. They can be quite tough to chew and have a bitter, unpleasant taste. Many people resort to using supplements or making reishi mushroom tea instead. Here's what's on offer with these mushroom nootropics:

  • Reishi mushrooms can support healthy sleep cycles by offering support for the body's natural processes. Inflammation can increase the body's stress response, making sleep more challenging.
  • Reishi also provides support for managing occasional stress ensuring you can always tackle the challenges of the day head-on. They have potent adaptogenic qualities that contribute to a fortified mood and help you manage overthinking at night for better rest!

Reishi is like the lavender and fuzzy socks of your evening routine, providing relaxing and therapeutic effects that'll help you get those dream-worthy ZZZs.


The benefits of antioxidants have been heralded for decades - and Chaga has them to boot! If you want to encourage a healthy, natural inflammatory response in your body while providing antioxidant support - chaga is your soulmate. Furthermore, since chaga is rich in antioxidant properties, it supports digestive, liver, and skin health therefore promoting healthy aging. 

How To Introduce Nootropic Mushrooms Into Your Diet

If you’re ready  to support your brain function and experience incredible health benefits, try supplementing nootropic mushrooms into your diet. Here are a few things you can do. 


Capsules are designed for those with a busy schedule who don't necessarily have the time for an extensive wellness routine. They're portable and extremely easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the wonderful health properties of nootropic mushrooms in your car, in a cafe, at work, or on the train! There's no excuse not to take your supplements with such an easy and streamlined supplement to fit into your daily habits.


Many gym-goers and smoothie drinkers prefer to take supplements in powder form. Why? They're super easy to mix into your morning smoothie or protein shake, along with your other ingredients. Simply make your morning drink as usual and enhance it with a little extra mushroom goodness!

Mushroom products won't interfere with the taste of your morning shake, either. They come in many different flavors to complement the flavor of your favorite drinks rather than work against them.


Gummies are a great way to get a quick dose of functional mushrooms without having to swallow any pills or tablets - which can be gag-inducing for some! Gummies are perfect for kids, too. They have a great flavor, and it feels like you're having a sweet snack (with the added bonus of mushroom nootropics). You can get different gummy blends, such as calming or energy blends, providing different effects for your body.


A tincture is the most fast-acting way to take your daily supplements. Simply place a few drops of the tincture underneath your tongue and leave it there for a minute or two. So many blood vessels underneath your tongue will absorb the tincture right away, so you can experience supported cognitive function right away.

If you don't want to use tinctures underneath your tongue for your cognitive health, you can always mix them into your favorite sodas, hot drinks, and foods to pack them with all the beneficial compounds for your brain and nerve health.


Functional and nootropic mushrooms are key to supporting your overall health and well-being, helping you to feel balanced throughout the day. Say hello to balanced energy levels, mood, and focus throughout the day when you start taking mushroom nootropics.

At Mushroom Revival, we believe that mushrooms are a valuable tool to unlock your health and wellness. Join us by checking out our extensive mushroom guides and resources! Nature has some amazing gifts for your body - it's time to start using them. Buy mushroom supplements today from Mushroom Revival to start your journey!

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