Tremella – Mushroom Revival


Tremella fuciformis


Tremella mushroom supports a healthy glow to the skin. Tremella behaves like many popular skincare supplements and topicals in that it holds many hundreds of times its weight in water. In fact, tremella mushroom was traditionally used in China to support healthy, supple skin.*


Tremella mushrooms contain a whole food form of vitamin D which may help the absorption of calcium and support normal levels of serum calcium and bone density.*


Tremella has been shown to have neuroprotective properties that may support brain health. It has also been shown to promote healthy nerve cells and support normal cell turnover. *


Tremella is commonly referred to as the beauty mushroom! Other common names include snow fungus, silver ear mushroom, or white jelly mushroom. It is a jelly fungus with an appearance similar to a loofah or jellyfish, and it owes its gelatinous qualities to its hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules that offer nourishment to the skin’s elasticity. It is a ghostly white color, and nearly transparent.

Tremella is found growing in tropical and subtropical regions but does extend into temperate locations in North America and Asia.

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