Photo of Alex Dorr Mycologist and Founder of Mushroom Revival

Alex Dorr

CEO and Mycologist

Alex Dorr is the Founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival, an Austin-based functional mushroom company that aims to revive people’s health with functional mushrooms. Alex is absolutely obsessed with the power of mushrooms and is mushrooming the culture of mushrooms. Alex also co-hosts the number one mushroom podcast in the world, “The Mushroom Revival Podcast.”


  • Hampshire College - BA Mycology


  • Mycoremediation Design Course
         Fungi for the People
         Issued June 2015
  • Serve Safe Certification
         ServSafe Certified
         Credential ID 16955802
  • Commercial Mushroom Spawn Production
         Aloha Medicinals
         Issued Jun 2015
  • Lab Skills
         Aloha Medicinals Aloha Medicinals
         Issued Jun 2015
  • Master Soils and Fungi Certification
         Radical Mycology
         Issued Aug 2017
  • Columbia Business School Leadership Academy
         Issued both 2018 and 2019

Professional Accomplishments

  • Founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival
  • Podcast Host of “The Mushroom Revival Podcast”
  • Author of “Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Growing Mushrooms and Cleaning up Toxic Waste with Fungi” (2017)
  • Author of “Mushroom Revival: Mycelium vs. Fruiting Bodies” (2023)
  • Author of “Mushroom Revival: Focus Secrets” (2023)
  • Author of “Mushroom Revival: Calm Secrets” (2023)
  • Author of “Mushroom Revival: Microdosing Guide” (2023)
  • Author of “The Mushroom Revival Cookbook” (2023)
  • Author of Mushroom Revival: Immune Secrets” (2023)
  • Author of “Mushroom Revival: Energy Secrets” (2023)
  • Author of “The Little Book of Mushrooms: An Illustrated Guide to the Extraordinary Power of Mushrooms” (2023)


  • One Tree Planted partner to plant over 53,176 trees around the world
  • Trees For the Future partner to plant over 40,000 trees around the world
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