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Find your perfect Mushroom Match

sPoOkY mUshRoOms

Episode 25 is here to celebrate this spooky time of the year and Halloween. We wanted to bring you something special, so this episode is full of fun facts about fungi, fungal diseases, and how fungi are taking over the world! This is great episode to hear Alex and Lera chat, get spooky, and so mush more!

Alex Dorr is a student and Mycophile who graduated from Hampshire College with a bachelor's degree studying mycology with a focus on mycoremediation. CEO of Mushroom Revival, a mushroom company based in Austin, TX focused on growing mushrooms like cordyceps militaris and making fungal supplement products.

Originally a student of philosophy, founder Alex Dorr was amazed to learn about the power of mushrooms to fulfill many of society's most complex needs. From supporting our health, from building our soils to remediating oil spills, from insulating homes to connecting 95% of plants, fungi can support us.* Having been used for thousands of years, today, peer-reviewed research papers on the benefits of mushrooms are widely available. Yet when Dorr started learning about functional mushrooms, it seemed their power had almost completely faded from our collective consciousness.

Inspired by the few contemporary pioneering voices in the field of mushroom supplements, Dorr was excited to help carry the torch. This information, it's not that people don't know about it, Dorr says, "it's that we forgot. The information has always been there; it's in our DNA. We know on a deep level that this is good for us, it's better than chemicals, we just have to take the effort to remember. And at Mushroom Revival, we are more than happy to ring the bell again."

Lera Niemackl is a student and mycophile as well that came to join the Mushroom Revival team. She spends most days in the lab here, but she has her hand in just about everything going on at Mushroom Revival. Leading cultivation and always studying ways to perfect our methods, she is the heart and soul of Mushroom Revival.

Find your perfect Mushroom Match
Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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