Is Santa on Shrooms? – Mushroom Revival

Is Santa on Shrooms?

Today we have a holiday special. Is the true spirit of Christmas a mushroom? Today's special edition holiday episode is all about Amanita Muscaria and it's profound interweaving with the Sami people of Lapland. We are joined by our friend Eric Puro from Finland to ruminate on how the mushroom may have influenced many of our hallmark Christmas traditions.
Eric Puro is an outdoor log mushroom grower, lecturer, Executive Committee member of the International Mushroom Society, Founder and Managing Director of KÄÄPÄ Biotechnology, and a father of two. He lives by a lake in Karjalojha Finland, where he is currently looking over Europe's largest outdoor functional mushroom farm and building a log house. His company KÄÄPÄ Biotechnology is working with all types of fungi for many various applications. This inspires Eric to get out of bed every day, take his cordyceps and Chaga and explore the wonderful and awe inspiring world of fungi.