Ethnomycology with Elinoar Shavit – Mushroom Revival

Ethnomycology with Elinoar Shavit

Ethnomycology — the study human historical and cultural use of fungi. It is a wonderful and vast topic, and today we are joined by one of the world’s few ethnomycologists, Elinoar Shavit. We specifically focus on the desert truffle and its vital role in local communities in the middle east. With the tributes to the desert truffle, we highlight the multitudes of other vital fungi that deserve our recognition and protection globally. Be sure to check out the show notes for more information on this essential science.

Elinoar Shavit is an ethnomycologist specializing in mycological and cultural research regarding desert truffles, functional mushrooms and the traditional use of fungi and plants by indigenous people around the world. She is a frequent speaker on these topics in international and domestic conferences and has published numerous research papers and book chapters.



Elinoar Shavit