Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract Supports the Entire Body*


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Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract Supports the Entire Body*

Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract Supports the Entire Body*

Support Seasonal Change with Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract*

As we transition from winter to spring, our bodies slowly wake up from hibernation mode. For many of us, life’s fast pace makes daily self-care difficult. Luckily, mushroom allies are here to help us jump-start this process! For those of us on the go, reishi mushroom liquid extract supports the entire body all in one serving!

Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out*

Springtime evokes the tradition of opening up the home to the outer world - raising the windows, bringing in the warm air, displacing the staleness of winter doldrums. Movement, light, and life are ushered into our homes from outside, and our inner world opens up with new energy. Similarly, our bodies crave the same internal transformation. Keep reading to learn how reishi mushroom liquid extract can support this process.*

In Traditional Chinese Herbalism and Ayurveda, spring is viewed as a time for renewal. Energy that manifests as the seasonal shift in weather and temperature is also reflected inside the body. Spring energy is expansive and rising in Traditional Chinese Herbalism, supporting movement from a stagnant state that characterizes cold winters. This is the same expansion of energy that supports the body in detoxification and promoting emotional wellbeing in healthy individuals.* The element associated with this time of year in Traditional Chinese Herbalism is wood, closely associated with the liver.

Delicious spring greens and the seasonal bounty during this time are in natural harmony with this philosophy. Bitter greens such as kale, dandelion and mustard greens, spinach and asparagus all support the liver’s detoxification function.* It is interesting to note that bitter taste is often reflective of a food or herb that is supports the liver.* Reishi mushroom liquid extract is a good source of bitter compounds, or triterpenes, that have long been associated with its supportive functions.* 

Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract Can Support Many Systems*

Reishi is well known for its liver supporting and detoxification support. Numerous studies have looked at Reishi for how it can support a healthy liver, and support a sense of relaxation.

Just in time for a seasonal transition, reishi mushroom liquid extract packs a punch against watery eyes and runny noses caused by high pollen count. Ganoderic acids A through D in reishi may support a healthy histamine response during seasonal transitions.* Due to these immune supporting properties, reishi is heralded as a go-to supplement during seasonal transitions.*

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No spring detox would be complete without also addressing the nervous system. Winter cold may induce a sense of physical tension throughout the body - tightening our muscles, stiffening our joints, leading to a state of internal tension and occasional stress.* One of the Spirit Mushroom’s many uses is hinted at in this traditional name - supporting the nervous system. Due to its high concentration of triterpenoid components that may support a sense of calm in the nervous system*, reishi mushroom liquid extract has been a favorite choice by many people support a senes of relaxation.*

Mushroom Revival is Here to Support*

In ancient times, reishi was rare, and its use was often reserved for the ruling class of the times. However, that was then and this is now! Reishi cultivation has led to its widespread availability to reach all people. We love working with our organically farmed reishi mushrooms. At Mushroom Revival, we are sure to work strictly with the fruiting body of reishi to ensure our revivalists get the fullest-spectrum functional mushroom goodness that we know how to make. By using our double extraction technique, our extracts provide both alcohol and water soluble compounds that cannot be accessed via boiling/tea making alone. Grab one of our reishi mushroom liquid extracts to support your self-care routine this season.*

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