How Long Does It Take For Reishi Mushroom To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Reishi Mushroom To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Reishi Mushroom To Work - Mushroom Revival - Main

Also known as Ganoderma lingzhi, the Reishi mushroom is a popular supplement that promotes calm and relaxation. Functional mushrooms are becoming an extremely popular supplement choice due to their wide range of benefits.

But how long does it take for reishi mushroom to work?

Keep reading as we explore the ins and outs of reishi mushrooms, supplements, and how long they take to work, providing relaxation for you and your body. At Mushroom Revival, we are big mushroom fans! We believe that mushrooms are the key to holistic practices and wellness. Check out our products, blogs, and podcast to get clued up on the mushroom revolution!

What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms are a type of mushroom commonly found in North America and East Asia. They have been a popular supplement in ancient Asian holistic and herbal practices. 

Reishi is a functional mushroom. Functional mushrooms are mushrooms that have health benefits beyond what they offer nutritionally. While they might be rich in fiber and other nutrients, they have compounds that can help provide more calm and relaxation support to the body, helping to balance your bodily functions.

Discover The Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms

What are the main benefits you can expect to feel when you incorporate reishi mushrooms into your supplement routine? Let's take a look!

Supports Immune System

Reishi mushrooms contain 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans, which are beneficial compounds that help support regular immune responses and the body's production of immune cells and proteins that are important for a healthy immune response.

How Long Does It Take for Reishi Mushroom To Work - Mushroom Revival - Reishi Mushroom for Supporting Occasional Stress

Supports Our Body's Response To Occasional Stress

Who doesn't experience occasional stress in such turbulent times? When planning your stress management strategy, you shouldn't neglect to consider reishi mushrooms. Reishi belongs to a group of natural herbs and plants called adaptogens, which help your body adapt to occasional stress.

Reishi can be the perfect substitute for that long soak in the bath when you're short on time. It can help to soothe your mind and body from either the environment or physical conditions in your everyday routine. Consider taking Reishi in the morning to support your body against the troubles of the day, or take it at night to mitigate that overthinking that's getting you down at bedtime!

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Some of the compounds found in Reishi include ganoderic acids A, B, C, and D, lucidenic acid B, and ganodermanontriol. These elements possess favorable characteristics, which may contribute to Reishi's potential in promoting equilibrium and cardiovascular system function.

Supports Healthy Inflammatory Responses Post-Workout

Do you feel completely paralyzed by delayed onset muscle soreness after your workouts? Reishi can be like your personal trainer, rubbing those tight spots to get you ready for your next pump session. Reishi's effects support healthy inflammatory responses post-workout or other related activities. 

Supports Healthy Sleep Cycles

The circadian rhythm is the holy grail of maintaining consistent energy levels, balancing the mood, and caring for your body. The production of different hormones determines this rhythm, which controls your sleep and wake cycles. Reishi mushrooms help support your regular sleep cycles by lessening the impact of occasional stress on the circadian rhythm. When you take reishi regularly, you'll notice that your sleep feels deeper, and you wake up feeling more well-rested. Why not try this supplement for your mental wellness routine?

Learn The Best Way To Consume Reishi Mushrooms

How do you take reishi mushrooms? Consuming reishi mushrooms isn't advisable, but what are the best supplements and extracts to buy? Let's explore your options!

How Long Does It Take For Reishi Mushroom To Work - Mushroom Revival - Reishi Calm Gummies


Who doesn't love a tasty treat? Gummies are one of the most fun and delicious ways in taking reishi mushroom extract. Reishi gummies can be the perfect morning or evening treat and are super convenient too! They offer the convenience of capsules and tablets without nasty pill swallowing. They come in delicious flavors sweetened with agave syrup to counteract the bitter taste of reishi mushrooms.

Keep some gummies handy in your purse or car if you're always rushed off your feet - fit supplements into your routine.


Constantly hearing about tinctures but never sure what people are talking about? Don't worry; it's pretty simple. A tincture is a liquid form of reishi mushroom extract that comes in a bottle with a little pipette. You can take a tincture in a few different ways:

  • Place it under your tongue - you will feel the health benefits of reishi mushroom dosage fastest this way. The underside of the tongue is packed with blood vessels that will immediately absorb the mushroom goodness right into your bloodstream.
  • Put it in your favorite food or beverage - you can add reishi mushroom extract tincture to your favorite smoothie, tea, oatmeal, or stew to receive the benefits of reishi.

Tinctures are one of the most versatile ways to take supplements - and are recommended if you like to get creative with your supplement routine!


Do you like to get your pump on at the gym and grow your muscles? Well, you'll be familiar with protein shakes and smoothies. Why not enhance your favorite protein shake even more with reishi mushroom powder? Powder with reishi mushroom extract such as the Daily 10 Mix, can help the body’s occasional inflammatory response post workout and soothe DOMs, so you'll turn your regular protein shake into the best workout support imaginable! And mushroom powder comes in loads of great flavors, so you don't need to worry about messing with the taste of your shake!


Are you a go-go-go kind of person with no time for supplements? Capsules are the perfect choice if you do not like the elaborate morning or evening routine. Simply put a tub of reishi capsules in your glovebox or gym bag, and take it while you're on the go. You don't need to be organized to benefit from awesome Reishi supplements.

Discover How Quickly Reishi Mushroom Can Take Effect

So, how long can reishi mushrooms calm your nerves and get you feeling zen? Consistency is critical when adding any supplement to your daily routine, so you'll feel best after 2-3 weeks of regular supplementation.

However, if you're using reishi mushrooms for their calming and soothing effects, you should feel the benefits within a few hours of taking reishi. So, if you're taking Reishi for sleep, get your dose in the evening before bedtime to support healthy sleep. If you take a tincture beneath the tongue, you will feel the effects much faster.


Still got some lingering questions? Let's address those, shall we?

Do Reishi Mushrooms Have Negative Interactions With Other Supplements?

You should always speak to your doctor before incorporating supplements into your daily routine. 

How Should You Store Reishi Mushrooms To Maintain Their Potency?

You should store reishi mushrooms and reishi extract in a cool, dry place to maintain their potency and potential health benefits. Keep them in a sealed container to maintain their freshness.

How Often Should I Take Reishi Mushroom?

It is recommended to follow the reishi mushroom supplement label consumption recommendations to consume daily. 

Mushroom Revival’s product consumption can differ depending on the type of supplement, for example:

  • Reishi Tinctures - we recommend taking 2 squeezes of the dropper bulb under your tongue or favorite drink.
  • Reishi Capsules - we recommend taking 2 capsules per day.
  • Reishi Gummies - We recommend eating 2 gummies per day. 

How Much Reishi Mushroom Should I Take?

We recommend following the label instructions of your favorite mushroom supplement. You can also start taking a lower dose, and increase the dose as needed. Reishi Mushroom Revival’s supplements are a matter of personal preference on what you need at that given time.


When taking reishi mushrooms, you'll feel the calming benefits within a few hours. It will take a few weeks for the full benefits of reishi to take effect - so keep taking reishi mushroom products consistently to maximize your feelings of calm, wellness, and good health.

At Mushroom Revival, we aim to help you maximize your wellness routine with the powerful benefits of functional mushrooms. Check out our Reishi products or our Daily Mushroom Mix (which includes Reishi) to take advantage of the power of mushrooms and maximize your overall well-being. The future of wellness is here - and it's all-natural, baby!
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