The Mycobiome with Mahmoud Ghannoum & Afif Ghannoum – Mushroom Revival

The Mycobiome with Mahmoud Ghannoum & Afif Ghannoum

Today's show is all about the covers ever present mycobiome. We discuss the role of fungi in microbiomes all around us, shedding light on their importance and how they may support our health. Dr. Ghannoum is joined by his son, Afif, a biotech attorney and CEO of a probiotic supplement company called BIOHM.


Mahmoud Ghannoum, who coined the term mycobiome, has published over 450 peer reviewed papers, his work has been cited over 21,000 times in the literature. Washington Post called him "the scientist who is now known as the leading microbiome researcher in the world".


Dr. Ghannoum lectures across the world on the microbiome, from the Pasteur Institute in France, to the National Institutes of Health. He is also the founder of BIOHM Health, the first company to create probiotics and microbiome tests that address both bacteria and fungi in the gut. He has also been involved in the development of 95% of the antifungals that have come to market since the 1990’s. Dr. Ghannoum is  coming out with his first consumer facing book, called Total Gut Balance, and it’s all about the fungi in your gut, and how you can optimize your microbiome through balancing your total gut of bacteria and fungi.

Afif Ghannoum is a biotech attorney by background and the CEO of BIOHM. He’s launched and sold consumer products in over 27,000 stores and licensed IP to companies around the world. He holds several biotech patents, and his work around commercializing innovation has been featured in publications like Forbes and NPR. He’s also Dr Ghannoum’s son, working to turn his Dad’s science into world class consumer products.