Psilocybin & Your Internal World — A Conversation with Johanna Warren

Today we welcome Johanna Warren — a fellow mycophile, musician and mystic. Johanna’s storytelling is tranquil & relatable. She shares her personal pursuit of wellbeing in both physical and mental realms, and how psilocybin was an imperative element. Beyond the journey to wellbeing, we discuss how psilocybin weaves into creativity and how Johanna’s life as an artist has been influenced by plants & mushrooms. Prepare to get philosophical, and enjoy the soothing presence and wisdom of the lovely Johanna Warren.

Topics Covered:

  • Johanna’s evolution & lifestyle as a performer
  • Personal stories of psilocybin’s role in depression, creativity, and pain
  • The inspiration and culture of Johanna's Plant Medicine Tour
  • The Human Condition, and how psychedelics can help us navigate
  • Lessons, jokes, and tokens from mushroom trips
  • The Duncan Trussell Family Hour — Johanna’s feature and serendipitous meeting

Show notes


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