Meditation & Psilocybin with Vanja Palmers


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Meditation & Psilocybin with Vanja Palmers

This blissful episode covers the synergies between meditation and psilocybin and features a conversation with Zen monk and entheogen devotee— Vanja Palmers. Vanja has contributed to the first, and currently only, scientific paper on the effects of psilocybin on experienced meditators. We talk about their key findings, metrics, and mechanisms. We also discuss some tips and tricks for how you can introduce psilocybin into your meditation practice, and the many benefits that this notable pair can offer.

Vanja Palmers was born in Vienna, Austria, and grew up in Switzerland. He practiced Zen for over 30 years with 10 years of traditional training as a Zen monk, and is the co-founder of a retreat center in Puregg, Austria and Felsonter, Switzerland. He is also a lifelong animal rights activist, a member of the Swiss Association for Psycholytic Therapy, and is a father of a grown up daughter.


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