How to Cook Mushrooms with Jim Fuller

As a chef and mycologist, Jim Fuller is the expert on how to cook mushrooms. His background in chemical engineering has played a crucial role in understanding culinary mycologyÑ from sautŽing, pickling, fermenting, cultivating, foraging and more. Jim has traveled the world with renown chefs and mycologists, and shares some of his most entertaining moments with us. This episode is full of new and useful tips, tricks and factoids! .

Jim Fuller is a co-founder of Fable Food Company, a vegetarian mushroom-based meat leveraging the unique characteristics of various fungi to re-create the taste and texture of meat. Jim is also a chemist, chef and mycologist. He has a degree in chemical engineering from San Antonio, then after a few years of working in a spawn lab at Gourmet Mushrooms Inc. in the North bay area of San FranciscoÊ (with David Law, Feb 11,2020 podcast), moved onto the University of Melbourne to study Agricultural Science with a focal point in mycology. His specialties have brought him far and wide.


Show notes: