Endophytic Fungi & Phylogeny with Dr. James White - Episode 38

January 28, 2020

Alex Dorr and Madz Niemackl

Join us to talk all about the powers and compelling potentials of endophytic fungi and other microbes with Dr. James White. We discuss the evolutionary roles of endophytes, the ubiquity of these symbiotes, and their implications in the scientific community.

James White obtained a Masters degree in Mycology and Plant Pathology from Auburn University, Alabama, and the Ph.D. in Mycology and Botany from the University of Texas.

Dr. White is a Professor of Plant Biology, and specializes in symbiosis research particularly with endophytic microbes. He is the author of more than 200 articles, and author and editor of reference books on the biology, taxonomy, and phylogeny of fungal endophytes. He and the students in his lab are exploring diversity of endophytic microbes and the various impacts that they have on host plants.

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