Why Reishi Mushroom Properties are Treasured Around the World*

Why Reishi Mushroom Properties are Treasured Around the World*

Why Reishi Mushroom Properties are Treasured Around the World*

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The Longstanding and Respected Reishi Mushroom Properties

One can already infer that reishi is a special mushroom from its linguistics. In Chinese, reishi is called lingzhi, which translates to “spirit plant.” The Chinese character for reishi is composed of three different logographs: “shaman,” “praying for,” and “rain.” Reishi’s Latin name Ganoderma lucidum also breaks into three constituent parts: gan for “shiny,” derm for “skin,” and lucidum for “brilliant”. Other given names are “queen of mushrooms,” “mushroom of immortality,” “10,000 year mushroom,” and “mushroom of spiritual potency,” just to name a few! These regal names are appropriate when you consider the many reishi mushroom properties. In this article, learn about reishi mushroom properties—then order potent reishi tincture from Mushroom Revival!

For Supporting Health in Our Toxic World, Turn to Reishi Mushroom Properties*

In our modern lifestyles, we are now exposed to more toxins, blue light, and potential anxiety-inducing habits (such as our hasty schedules, social media, controversial political climates—among other things) than ever before. This can affect our stress levels, our sleep cycles, mental health, and overall health. If we want to age gracefully and maintain vigor, it is important to make efforts to alleviate the adversities that we are inevitably susceptible to.

Reishi has a reputation for being a mushroom that supports longevity and vitality for many reasons.* Reishi mushroom properties can certainly support our bodies and minds in resisting the negative effects of the modern world. Reishi may be both physically and cognitively supportive as we age. Whether Reishi is consumed or used topically, it may promote health.* Another way in which Reishi mushroom properties support aging gracefully and maintaining vitality is their coveted support a natural transition to sleep for occasional sleepless nights.*

More Reishi Mushroom Properties

One of the Reishi mushroom properties that truly sets it apart from other mushrooms is its ability to support a healthy endocrine system*, and promote healthy hormonal balance.* Many Americans, especially females, have hormonal imbalances that may result in poor sleep, fatigue, chronic acne, low libido, and more.* Reishi is a great contender for any supplements you are considering to support normal hormonal regularity.*

Finding a Quality Source of Reishi

What was once a mushroom primarily saved for royalty, such as Taoist priests and Chinese Emperors, is now available for the general public in health stores around the globe. Deservingly, Reishi has gained popularity in the west, and is fairly ubiquitous within health-conscious communities. However, it’s important to be selective with your purchases, as many Reishi supplements are sub par. A study done by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention found that roughly 75% of reishi mushroom supplements don’t even contain reishi!

At Mushroom Revival, we are proud to offer 100% fruiting body, organically grown, dual-extracted Reishi tincture—three characteristics any mushroom supplement should have. We strive to provide the best quality mushroom supplements available. Try them for yourself here!

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