Mushroom Uses for Winter
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Mushroom Uses for Winter



Winter is the season of slowing down, preserving energy, and planting seeds of intention. This period encourages us to become comfortable with spending more time sleeping and dreaming. It is a time of pausing to explore restoration, inspiration and purification. After a long, energetic summer and bountiful autumn, it is important that we greet this season with open arms and take the time to bathe in relaxation. Read more to learn about mushroom uses for welcoming in the stillness of winter.

Winter: The North & Earth

In many traditional herbalism practices in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is associated with the direction of North and the element of Earth. The North is the direction of elders passing down wisdom and sharing stories, and Earth is the element of heaviness, grounding, and stability. As we harness this traditional wisdom and move into this season, we can refer to these words as reminders. We may often get caught up in the culture of continuous production, movement, and to-dos, but it is important we be kind to ourselves and allow room for rest and relaxation.

How can we access this part of ourselves in a society that doesn’t seem to slow down? Don’t just survive this winter, but thrive this winter by getting in touch with your yin side! Read a book on the couch by a big window during snowfall. Intentionally plant seeds through journaling, meditation, yin yoga, or another mindful practice to commit to growth in the time of movement in warmer seasons. Take the time to make some herbal and mushroom teas and soup broths!

Check out this blog post for a delicious, immune-supporting Reishi mushroom broth recipe!


Mugwort is a great herb to use during these long, cold months to connect with and embrace deep dreaming.* Mugwort is an ally for ancient rememberings and (according to traditional use) lucid dreaming to help us dive deeper into ourselves.*

Cedar leaves are known to be helpful for connecting with ancient wisdom, as well as travel between the physical and spiritual worlds.* Burning cedar leaves can be used for going deeper with yourself and connecting with your ancestral roots.*

Hawthorne is a yummy, calming berry that provides immune and calming support to lift the spirit and mind.* This herb supports the nervous system and promotes sweet dreams and restful sleep for occasional sleeplessness.*

Reishi is a bitter mushroom, known to support longevity and a restful sleep for occasional sleeplessness.* Studies have shown that this mushroom may support a natural transition to sleep and healthy circadian rhythms.* Long-term, one of the best uses for Reishi mushroom is supporting energy and stamina.* Fuel your body with this delicious mushroom this winter to support healthy rest*

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