Poria Cocos – Mushroom Revival

Poria Cocos

Wolfiporia extensa


Poria may support normal response to environmental stressors that can trigger restlessness and tension. Studies show that poria cocos might promote a better sense of wellbeing.*


In traditional chinese herbalism, this mushroom is used to drain dampness. In studies it has shown that the outer layer of poria cocos contains compounds that promote urine output.*


As a functional mushroom, poria cocos has adaptogenic potentials that help support the body’s response to daily stress and fatigue.*


Poria cocos is also Known as Fu Ling, and it has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Herbliam. It grows like a tuber under the ground and resembles a brown potato. In TCM, practitioners will use different parts of the fungus for different purposes. It is not technically a mushroom, but a sclerotium (like Chaga) which is essentially a fungal mass. 

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