Chaga – Mushroom Revival


Inonotus obliguus


Chaga mushrooms contain a large amount of the pigment melanin, which promotes protection from UV radiation. This mushroom also offers potent antioxidant support and is nutrient dense with essential vitamins and minerals. Chagas dense nutrient profile offers support for healthy aging.*


Chaga contains the popular compounds 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans that support healthy immune function. In addition, chaga has a unique constituent known as betulinic acid which has been shown to support healthy cell turnover.*


Chaga looks like burnt coal and is very unassuming. Technically, chaga is not a mushroom (fruiting body), but rather it is a sclerotium, which basically means a dormant fungal mass. It mainly grows on birch trees, as well as alder and elm trees in Siberia, Poland, Russia, and throughout North America, particularly Canada. It is easy to miss as it can often blend in with the tree. It is also known as the “King of Mushrooms” and has been revered in Siberian culture and was traditionally used to support overall health and immune function.*

Chaga is a well known functional mushroom that is gaining popularity. Click here to find out more!***

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