Photogenic Fungi with Steve Axford


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Photogenic Fungi with Steve Axford

Your favorite mushroom photography is likely thanks to the work of our delightful guest, Steve Axford. The beauty and scientific accuracy of Steve's work has captivated national & international media, fungi experts, and anyone with an affinity for the odd and the beautiful. Steve shares his tips and tricks for capturing fungi on film, the unique places he's traveled to, and some unexpected observations of fungi that are only made possible with time-lapse photography.

Steve Axford is an ambassador for Sony Australia and has an international reputation as a specialist in nature photography with a particular passion in macro fungi photography. He also has a unique expertise in time-lapse photography of fungi. His work has been featured in BBC Planet Earth, National Geographic, Guardian Observer, Daily Mail UK, and more. .

See a movie trailer for Steve's upcoming movie, Plant Fungi!


Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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