Mycotoxins with Dr. Andrew Campbell


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Mycotoxins with Dr. Andrew Campbell

In this illuminating episode, we are joined by Dr. Andrew Campbell who shines light on the pervasive yet unfamiliar world of molds and mycotoxins. We discuss their effects on human health, how to detect it, and what you can do about it. This is a crucial episode for advancing our understanding of fungi as a whole!

Andrew Campbell is a doctor specializing in mycotoxins, with over 90 published papers, 19 of which address mold and mycotoxin effects on people. He has treated thousands of patients suffering from mycotoxins, and continues to progress his research and understanding. Dr. Campbell also founded an online resource for mycotoxin testing.


Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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