Mycoremediation and Mushrooms in Mexico with Daniel Reyes - Episode 18

August 26, 2019
Alex Dorr and Madz Niemackl with Guest Daniel Reyes

Mycoremediation and Mushrooms in Mexico with Daniel Reyes - Episode 18 - Mushroom Revival Podcast

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Episode Eighteen is a special interview with Daniel Reyes. This is a great episode if you want to learn more mycoremeditation, mushrooms in Mexico, the oil and gas industry, industrial remediation, mushroom travel and mush more!

Daniel Reyes has been learning, teaching, experimenting with, and researching fungi in many different capacities for the last 5 years. He found fungi through his career as a Hydrogeologist in the Oil and Gas industry and quickly immersed himself in the field of mycology. His main interests in fungi are their uses in Mycoremediation, Mushroom Cultivation, Ecology & Sustainability, and Health & Wellness. These interests have enabled him to travel the world to lecture and teach hundreds of people. He's been part of a few different projects, most notably Myco Alliance and Central Texas Mycological Society in Austin, Texas; the Amisacho Restauracion Project in Ecuador; and the Telluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado. Currently he is now launching the next chapter in his journey to explore the world of mycology through Fungi International.

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