Mushrooms, Molds and Mycorrhizae: Down the Rabbit Hole – Mushroom Revival

Mushrooms, Molds and Mycorrhizae: Down the Rabbit Hole


Today we are joined by an innovative, charismatic mycophile and good friend, Tradd Cotter. We talk about the many fungal projects going on at Mushroom Mountain, the comical stories throughout Tradd's journey, fungal antibiotics, fungal insecticides, psilocybin mushroom therapy, growing mushrooms in third world countries, foraging and IDing mushrooms, online mushroom education, mushroom spore ink, mycoremediation, a bit about his upcoming book and so mush more. . Tradd Cotter is a microbiologist, mycologist, and organic gardener. He has been cultivating commercially and experimentally for over 28 years and in 1996 he founded Mushroom Mountain where he and his team cultivate fungi for food production and explore various applications for mushrooms. He is primarily interested in low-tech and no-tech cultivation strategies so that anyone in the world can grow mushrooms!