Mushrooms & China

We owe homage to the East, especially China, for our knowledge in the mushroom space. Today on the show we are meeting with a fellow cultivator from Forij Mushrooms, Jennifer Dou. Jennifer has extensive experience with cell culture and is first generation Chinese American, where fungi played a potent role in daily life. Now a lead mycologist for a company called Forij Mushrooms, Jennifer's background offers much needed perspective in the field.

Topics Covered:

  • Market economy of functional mushrooms. What does it look like in China and where does the United States stand in comparison?
  • Sinophobia in the Western world, especially in the world of mycology and functional supplements
  • Mushroom culture and mushroom cultivation in China
  • Parallels in the lab between cell culture and mycology 


Show Notes:

  • Forij Mushrooms:
  • Podcast on Alex’s Trip to China: