Medicinal Mushrooms with Danielle Ryan Broida of Four Sigmatic

Medicinal Mushrooms with Danielle Ryan Broida of Four Sigmatic - Episode 28 - Mushroom Revival Podcast . . A podcast devoted to the wild and wacky world of Mushrooms! Episode 28 is a super interesting episode with Danielle Ryan Broida. Who is National Educator with Four Sigmatic. This is a great episode if you want to learn more about medicinal mushroom culture in the US, as well as mush more! . . Danielle Ryan Broida is the national educator for the medicinal mushroom company Four Sigmatic. Danielle is Colorado based, and an international soul. As a Registered Herbalist (AHG), Holistic Nutritionist, and Instructor of Mycology, my passions all blossom from the natural world. "I believe fungi are the most important teachers on our planet, silently guiding us towards a world of more connection with each other, the earth, and the answers we need to solve many of EarthÕs problems. In my free time, you can find me anywhere outsideÑwhether under the sun or stars, summer heat or winter snow. IÕll either be gardening, cooking plant-based recipes, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, surfing, or scuba diving. My favorite color yellow sums me up: full of fire, bright as light, and brimming with energy." . Mushroom Revival is an Organic medicinal mushroom company based in South Deerfield Massachusetts. We help people gain more energy, a better nights sleep, a clearer mind and a bullet proof immune system. We plant one tree for every product we sell, revitalizing health inside and out with organic medicinal mushrooms. We are the biggest producer of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms in the western world and the only certified organic producer in this half of the globe.