Growing Mushrooms In Ecuador with Lexie Gropper


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Growing Mushrooms In Ecuador with Lexie Gropper

In this episode, we talk about the abandoned oil pits from Texaco (now Chevron) and its impact on the environment and communities, and the Amisacho Restauraci—n project that was founded in response to it. We discuss growing mushrooms in Ecuador and how she is using her mycological knowledge to help support health, community, and ecosystems in the area.*

Lexie Gropper is a dear friend and ecological warrior based in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Lexie Gropper is a biologist dedicated to deepening her understanding of the life cycles, with a passion for the processes of decomposition leading to regrowth. She dedicates her energy to the cultivation of plants, fungi, bacteria, relationships, community, and healing.

Lexie has been living in the Ecuadorian Amazon for the past 6 years. She lives on her family's reforested jungle and food forest island in the middle of a sea of deforestation and ongoing contamination from petroleum extraction, cattle ranching, and cash crop monocultures. The name of their project is Amisacho Restauraci—n, where they've dedicated themselves to three direct lines of action in their region: restoring ecosystems, restoring health, restoring community.

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