Fine Mycelium with Dr. Matt Scullin – Mushroom Revival

Fine Mycelium with Dr. Matt Scullin

Mycelium through the lens of materials science. Todays show is all about the emerging research on the mechanics of mycelium, and we are blessed to bring on a leading researcher in the field, Dr. Matt Scullin. His unique perspective as an engineer inspires new ways to see fungi, acknowledge the importance of collaboration, and recognize the infancy of our understanding. We lightly discuss the tricks of the trade, molecular structure, deficiencies in the science, and so much more! . Dr. Scullin is a materials entrepreneur who has pioneered several new materials into commercialization. He is currently CEO at MycoWorks, the leader in the field of fine mycelium materials (Reishiª). He is also the co-founder and board member of a stealth-mode materials company. In 2008, Dr. Scullin founded Alphabet Energy, the leader in the field of thermoelectric products for waste-heat recovery, and sold that company in 2019. Prior to founding Alphabet Energy Inc., Dr. Scullin held positions at X/Seed Capital, IBM, and General Motors. He has won numerous awards for innovation and entrepreneurship including the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award and was named to Forbes 30 Under 30.