Empowering Fungi with Nat Kelley

Today we are joined by actress & activist, Nathalie Kelley, who speaks to why the fungal queendom deserves recognition and employment now more than ever. We look to fungi as an example of regenerative living, and discuss the real ways in which humans can readopt that lifestyle. We also talk about the growing awareness around fungi and how to encourage that momentum for a better world. In particular, we discuss the important work of the Fungi Foundation, a Chilean organization that focuses on the conservation and documentation of fungi. Tune in to get inspired— or re-inspired— to fuel the fungal queendom's role in the modern world.


Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian-Australian actress, Indigenous woman, and aspiring regenerative human. She has most recently starred in include Dynasty and ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty. Inspired by the movie Fantastic Fungi, Nat joined the Fungi Foundation as a board member, alongside the incredible founder Giuliana Furci, renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, and natural winemaker Joanna Foster. Donate to the Fungi Foundation today! Visit https://www.every.org/ffungi/ .

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