Conservation of Fungi with Giuliana Furci – Mushroom Revival

Conservation of Fungi with Giuliana Furci

Today we highlight the immensely important work of Giuliana Furci. We discuss the conservation of fungi and why it's important. How do we address endangered species of fungi? How can we actually take action and support these critical measures? We also cover women's role in mycology, how and why mycology needs to be incorporated into educational curriculums, and so much more. 


Giuliana Furci


Giuliana founded Fungi Foundation in 2012, through which she has focused on the conservation of fungi, sustainable collection of edible wild mushrooms, education, mycological explorations, the curatorship of the FFCL Fungarium, and the creation of national and international mycological capacity. Her achievements have led her to work and partner with important international institutions such as the Farlow Herbarium of Harvard University, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and the Telluride Mushroom Festival, among others. Chile is the only country in the world that has included fungi in its environmental legislation at the highest legislative level, thanks to Giuliana’s fundamental role. This legislation has created dozens of jobs for and initiated formal financing for mycologists in Chile. Giuliana has written and collaborated with numerous publications including “Fungi Austral” and “Field Guide to Fungi of Chile” vol 1. and 2.