The day is finally here. We've been working hard for this relaunch of Mushroom Revival! New and improved products, branding, and content have arrived. This episode is a little a sit down with the fam to cover the ins and outs of whats changed here at HQ. Tune in on YouTube to see the video component enriched with original animation and photography, and get excited for the fungal abundance coming your way!


Alex Dorr 0:21
What is going on mushroom family! Welcome back to another episode of the mushroom revival podcast. This one is a little bit different. It is a brand new US, mushroom revival. It is a new evolution in our metamorphosis. New products new logo, new animated intro, new jingle, so many new things, but it's the same us that we love and care about you so much and we still love the hell out of mushrooms. Oh my god.

Lera Niemackl 0:54
More and more every day.

Alex Dorr 0:56
So welcome back. Or if it's your first time, welcome to the mushroom family and welcome to the mushroom revival podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to building and bridging the gap between you are beautiful, sexy, amazing, intelligent, all astounding listeners, and the funky, wacky, amazing, incredible world of mushrooms and fungi. We usually bring on guests from all around the world experts to geek out go into deep portals, everything from gourmet mushrooms, to mushroom technology to growing mushrooms to medicinal mushrooms, anything that you can think of related to mushrooms and fungi. Today's episode is an update little one on one, sit down with the family. Get everyone up to date on all these super exciting things that we've been up to behind the scenes.

Lera Niemackl 2:01
First of all, we just wanted to say thank you for tuning in and shrooming in . And we look at our analytics from time to time and are so impressed that this many people want to know about mushroom stuff. The podcast is great, it's gotten an awesome response. So thank you all we are adding a video component. And we will start contributing more visual elements to this. So keep an eye out for animations, and graphs and infographics and photographs and videos from the guest that we have on the show. So you can really really get behind the scenes visually auditorily. And if there's ever an opportunity to put in another sense..

Alex Dorr 2:46
Oh my god, when VR comes out, we are totally doing a virtual reality mushroom show.

Lera Niemackl 2:53
These are actually scratch and sniff, so you can smell the tincture.

Alex Dorr 2:58
I wish, one day. Yeah, one day, we'll just hook up our Neuralink or something and just go in. But until then, you know, we'll try to bring in as many sensory experiences as possible. And we will be launching a new video series on our YouTube just educational videos. There'll be a little bit shorter than our podcast videos. But we will have two new videos every week. Hopefully. Fingers crossed, if not more. And they will be like mini cool, mushroom documentaries that you can tune in twice a week. So tons of free content. Awesome. Incredible. So fun. And we'll keep evolving every single day that we do it. Talking about housekeeping. It's not housekeeping without a new house. We literally bought a new house in Austin, Texas. We've been in here since June it is now it is November,

Lera Niemackl 3:59
November 5th, in fact.

Alex Dorr 4:01
so when you're listening to this, it's probably much later, but amazing house and we're in our living room right now. We just set up the studio. We had to move a ton of furniture around.

Lera Niemackl 4:15
So we can do a podcast set up and what do you think? 15 minutes.

Alex Dorr 4:19
Oh, we're getting really good.

Lera Niemackl 4:21
It's still annoying. I still can't wait till we have a stationary studio. Until then. No complaints.

Alex Dorr 4:28
I think we'll just start with telling y'all. Austin Texas is awesome. So many people Joe Rogan. Elon Musk was just seeing here, Tero from Four Sigmatic, the founder of Four Sigmatic just moved here which is awesome. More fungal mushroom people. We got Tim Ferriss moved here so many people are moving here and it is a cool poppin' place. I can't speak for the rest of Texas but Austin. So many dogs we have dog fever right now.

Lera Niemackl 5:03
We love it here we are finally venturing out because it's cool down the summers here scorching, not something we're used to.

Alex Dorr 5:12
Maybe next time, we'll shoot you will see a dog in there. No, we have. So we've been recording like crazy. So you might see some future episodes with a different background. We've been perfecting a what works. In our studio, we've been buying equipment left and right, getting super into videography, and audio engineering and all these things that it's insane. I mean, everything is interconnected. And I thought I was getting into mushrooms. But in in getting into mushrooms I got into like 30, other, you know, niches that just interconnect. It's really it's fascinating how interconnected the world is. But bottom line, Austin, Texas is amazing. We're super happy here. Tacos and all the food is incredible. COVID is you know, hampering down on a lot of activities. But it's really given us time to create a little taco for ourselves or a burrito around ourselves and hunker down and let's get into it. Brand new mushroom revival we have. As you saw in the beginning, we have a new intro. If you're listening to this, you heard the audio. If you are watching this, you saw the animated intro.

Lera Niemackl 6:35
And hopefully also heard the audio.

Alex Dorr 6:38
And yeah, and heard the audio but and I you know if you're just listening to this, and maybe you're in the car or something like that, I recommend watching the video portion because it's brand new, and it's really beautiful animation. So let's start there. We had an incredible animator that we found, her name is Gina. She's in the UK. And we clicked right away. Her work is incredible. And so it starts out with our early ancestors. You know, the early humanoids, our furry ancestors, picking mushrooms out of the ground, and it shows this beautiful mycorrhizal connection and the earth connecting with the roots of trees connecting with other trees, and it shows fungi's deep relationship not only with Planet Earth, but with Homo sapiens. So after that scene with early Homo sapiens, we get into, you know, traditional Chinese medicine and that role of really influencing mushrooms. So we wanted to pick a key character, or someone that has really influenced the medicinal mushrooms or functional mushrooms. And so we picked Li Shizhen, and I might be butchering that pronunciation, but he was super influential with writing one of the first materia medicas and really classifying a lot of different types of Ganoderma. And all the different colors of these, these Ganoderma and what they're good for and was really influential, not only with mushrooms, but but in traditional Chinese medicine as well. There are tons of people that are influential. And we only had a small—

Lera Niemackl 8:34
we had 22 seconds, and I think four scenes.

Alex Dorr 8:37
So if anyone is like, oh, why didn't you pick this person? Or we wanted to, I promise, we had so many ideas. And we actually had we had we have animations of so many other influential people that we just we had to pick and choose. So we picked him. He's amazing. We go from Li, all the way to Maria Sabina, and Maria Sabina was super influential for us here in the States. You know, I'm sure people are tuning in from all around the world, but here in the United States, you know, we wouldn't have the amount of access to psilocybin cubensis or other or knowledge about a lot of psychoactive mushrooms if it wasn't for Maria Sabina, and so we wanted to honor her and and so we highlighted her in our our intro to give respects to her work and her lineage and and her contributions to mycology.

Lera Niemackl 9:40
Then we tap into more of the drug development and the revolutionary discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming. And although he wasn't the one to really bring this to market, if it wasn't for his observation on petri. I don't think we would have penicillin nearly as soon as we did, which was definitely when the world needed it the most. So we'll have a whole other episode on penicillin. It's an incredible story with a bunch of wild fun facts about molds and fungi. But yeah, we have Alexander Fleming and then finally any person of the modern day, 21st century, practicing their own meditation.

Alex Dorr 10:23
It's you, it's you.

Lera Niemackl 10:25
It's you. It's all of us. But yeah, that was supposed to depict how mushrooms are sort of having a resurgence into modern life.

Alex Dorr 10:38
You could almost say a revival.

Lera Niemackl 10:40
Yeah, you could definitely. Wait. I just put that together. Is that what you're going for?

Alex Dorr 10:52
That's our new intro. We're excited about it, it might change. throughout time, we might add some new people that we want to highlight. And if if there's anyone that we're we're missing, please let us know. There's so many influential people, and and we barely even scratched the surface. And above all, you know, we want to highlight mushrooms and we're just lucky enough to have a special relationship too with them. So it's really it's really the mushrooms and we want to highlight them first and foremost.

Lera Niemackl 11:26
And then shout out to Kolby Koczanowski, who actually did the intro to our old podcast called "Caps". So that jingle that we know and love he did this one as well. And I think

Alex Dorr 11:38
It's called "Mushmarimba".

Lera Niemackl 11:41
He was actually my old roommate back in college and he had a marimba and this was probably the only room that I had that would make noise and I wouldn't be upset about it. Because it was beautiful and he played the remember marimbas so beautifully. And we've been friends ever since but he's honestly amazing. He traveled to Thailand and studied music theory and has been on many percussion groups and his twin brothers actually a really talented actor and we do a lot of one man shows which if you are an actor, you know what it takes to be a one man show. Yeah, these two Koczanowski twins love him to death. They're so talented. Thanks, Kolby. We're definitely coming back for more audio assets. And with that, should we talk about the new looks?

Alex Dorr 12:36
Or do you get it? If you're listening to this, it might not make sense. But in the video, I am pointing to our new logo, which is hung up on the wall. If you're listening to this, you're like, what? They have a new logo. What is this? Yeah, new logo. And this has been man, it's been a rodeo. When we first consulted our designers, we we hired a new team. And you know, spearheaded by my good friend now, Wes and awesome, they did a frickin amazing job. I am so excited. And I went into this being like Do not touch our logo. And so many people around us were like, your logo is sweet. Do not ever mess with that in a million years. And I was like this, I had that hat on. I was like do not even do it. I mean, think about it. Our logo is sweet, you know, and and they just, you know, got their little finger in there and they tease it out and they showed me dozens of different designs and and the more I meditated on, it stuck and it just kept sticking. Let's lay down. Okay, so our old logo might be a little psychedelic, and I have long hair. I'm young. We have podcasts about magic mushrooms. However, apart from the people that are really into mushrooms, the majority of people that are just getting into mycology or mushrooms. They either think it's the slimy button mushrooms on your pizza. They think it's mushrooms that'll kill you or mushrooms that will lead you on a fantastic trip of a lifetime where you know you're tripping out your Alice in Wonderland. We didn't want to confuse people and as we're growing and as we're popping the bubble of the mycophiles, the mushroom heads the the ride or die. I love mushrooms. We're getting into this this other bubble of people maybe like you, who might have some mycophobia. And they've been told since a kid that don't touch a mushroom, it'll be poisonous or they have only tried, you know, the the grocery store button mushrooms or,

Lera Niemackl 15:16
or just disinterested and you see mushrooms as a viable supplement to improve your life. But you don't really care about those Spitzenkörper or the secondary metabolites, and how amazing they are for mycoremediation and things like that.

Alex Dorr 15:31
We want to make mushroom sexy, and to do so we want to appeal to a wider audience, so we can hook them in and get them unbelievably obsessed with mushrooms, just like us. And it's a subtle art. And to do so we thought this logo was a lot more appealing to a wider audience. It's sleek, it's sexy, it's simple,

Lera Niemackl 15:57
It's approachable. Kinda looks like Pac Man. But it's also definitely half of a mushroom.

Alex Dorr 16:04
Half a mushroom. It's also can be an "R" like revival. And we thought that was the move to go and it actually really fit with our new packaging. And we tried so many different variations of our new packaging. So many variations of we tried our old logo with this packaging. It just didn't work. It was awkward. It was weird. We tried to adapt our packaging to our old logo, and it just, it was a little weird. There it is. Boom.

Lera Niemackl 16:37
And here's the new branding, which fun facts. The mushroom watermarks, you see, are real inkblots. So the graphic designer who worked on this actually went out and seeked cordyceps and lion's mane and Reishi and all the other mushrooms and are what was called the "Mush 10", but now we're calling "Daily 10". He blotted them with ink and then took prints and I believe his four year old even helps This is a four year old's art. It's great.

Alex Dorr 17:11
So we have four. And if you've been with us for a while, you've seen many different products come and go many different packaging styles. We had, you know, all these different sizes, all these different variations and people, especially people that were new, what the hell is a tincture? You know, we had so many people that are like, why is that? And so many people are like what the hell is a medicinal mushroom or a functional mushroom? Or a medicinal herb or a functional herb.

Lera Niemackl 17:47
A quadriceps mushroom? I mean, yeah...

Alex Dorr 17:51
This is hieroglyphs we have a disservice of being so in the rabbit hole and like, almost a little too passionate about this where

Lera Niemackl 17:59
Horse blinders.

Alex Dorr 18:00
Oh, yeah, if you listen to like some of our other episodes, especially like you tell us about quarter steps, and we'll just go in a deep rabbit hole. And we lose 99.99999% even mushroom people like avid mushroom people that 20 years in, in this scene, I'll go on a cordyceps rant, I'll lose them, you know, and be like happy as a clam in my geek out place. But what who is that serving, you know, and it's all about you guys. We're having a blast in our area. And we want you to have a blast too. So we got to meet you where you are, and meet keep other people where they're at, and your friends and your family and your colleagues and things like that. So we had like, we had Cordyceps and Manifest— both for energy. We had Mush Zen and Reishi— both for relaxation. We had Mycelial Brain and Lion's Mane— both for brain function and cognitive function. People were like, what the hell? Like, you know, our more mushroom has we're can can see this subtle differences and, and really, you know, understand, but for the average person, they stopped at a wall. We were crippling people with too many choices. So "Keep It Simple Stupid" is a motto that you know, my mom has always told me. And I guess I didn't follow it. So we're doing it now. And so we have four different options. That's it. Do you want to come down? Want more energy? Do you want focus? Or do you want a multivitamin? Do you just want to be healthy, happy and feeling vibrant and the best yourself for different for different choices. shouldn't be that hard. But, you know, with people not really understanding mushrooms not really understanding herbs. Not understanding what a tincture is, we have to make it as simple as possible. And so this is our new push. This is why we do the podcast. This is why we are in our new evolution of having sexy animations and jingles and new, whole new website, whole new way of how we portray mushrooms. And we're trying to make them sexy, and to really bridge the gap, and to really help people along and hold their hands. So it's not this niche thing that it's like, oh, you know, that's for the extreme mushroom heads. And I don't understand that terminology. A nd we, we do lose a lot of people. So we're learning every single episode, we're getting better of how can we translate this and bring it down to earth. And we will continue to get better every single day. So thank you for being along for the journey, we love you.

Lera Niemackl 20:59
And these blends are sort of a hybrid of what we offered before, which was a simple or just one mushroom, and then an herbal/mushroom blend. So these they do have 80 to 90% of the mushroom that's featured, but it comes with herbs that compliment them either an action or we literally just put them there to increase the palatability of it. And they're great. We spent a lot of time r&d, and we even had a chef help us for a while. And I'm super excited about them. What else is new is there's a QR code on the back, and you can scan it to see the lab results. So we'll have your basic lab results of microbial contam testing, which obviously will be very low or zero because otherwise we wouldn't be selling the product, heavy metals, and then the active constituents that we all know and love. So beta glucans will be an all four of them. And then they each will have a report on the mushroom that's unique to them. So the lion's mane, for example. I guess at this time, we don't actually know what we'll have on the lab results. But ergothioneine is a possibility. And we're really dying and hoping to get hericenones and erinacines, which is a whole other story in and of itself.

Alex Dorr 21:55
We're working with lab that is we hope to do some tests with mice hippocampal cell lines to do nerve growth factor and— there are some COVID related problems. They're actually not even in their lab right now because they had to exit. They're halfway around the world. So we'll see what's possible. If it's not this round, it's the next round. And and we'll make it happen. This is also particular to Lion's Mane where it's just not available. We've called dozens and dozens of labs all around the world. And the science is just not there, or the procedures are not there.

Lera Niemackl 23:07
Or they say that they're there. But when you really dig into the protocol and reputability it does not add up and we just didn't trust it.

Alex Dorr 23:15
Yeah, we found some labs that had FDA warnings. And, and we are all about transparency. And we if you've listened to us before, we are Mavericks about quality, we are not shy of letting people know what's going on. And the industry, any industry, for that matter. There are some sketchy players involved, and some sketchy stuff going on. And people should know. And you know, we're all about transparency. And that goes into the ingredients. And so the QR code was like, see for yourself and open the blinders and just see full transparency, we want to set the standards for the industry of testing for these specific compounds. For Reishi, we're going to have a full set of Ganoderma acids and and then test for a whole spectrum of different compounds, including the 1,3;1,6 beta glucans that Lera was talking about. And those compounds 1,3;1,6 beta glucans support the immune system, they have a great immuno modulating effect. And you can see with our QR codes will make it really down to earth for people of you know, what is this compound mean? And the Ganoderma acids really famous for natural inflammation, you know, and healthy inflammation response in the body. And so really putting that plain and simple of making the hard science really soft and easy for people to digest. For cordyceps we are testing for cordycepin and adenosine, which are like the main two popular compounds. For energy, we're also testing for adenine and uridine. And these are also notable compounds. And for our lion's mane, and we just talked about and for Daily 10, we will keep it simple stupid with just that 1,3;1,6 beta glucans, and heavy metals, biological contaminants and any residue for pesticides, herbicides, and, you know, DNA analysis to make sure that the mushroom that we say is in there is actually in there. And, of course, we we are super strict with having, you know, mushroom fruiting bodies and saying it as it is, and not adding any extra fillers that we don't need to, there's a common practice of adding a lot of grain into products that just don't need to be there. There's no reason for them to be there. And there's cultivation practices that are widely available and have been around for over 100 years that you don't need grain. And it's just a filler. And so yeah, we don't use any of that. And we are also producing these in a GMP compliant facility. And so it's approved by NSF to, to have GMP, good manufacturing practices.

Lera Niemackl 26:42
We used to make these all in house at our farm or warehouse and Western Mass.

Alex Dorr 26:48
Food safe, certified organic, but now it's just the level up of a regulation of safety of legitness.

Lera Niemackl 26:58
It's a space that's dedicated to the production of things that will be consumed. So naturally, it's extremely clean, and monitored. And, yeah, massive, it's also an opportunity for us to be a lot more consistent with the way we extract things. So you know, we were, of course, watching the time and watching the temperature and controlling all the parameters that we could, but this is down to as fine tuned as you can get. So it's a really great thing. And instead of paying for a whole warehouse, we you basically rent out the space and you make a run and we pick up a ton of batches at once. And then other people use it. And we have inventory, lots of inventory to back us up.

Alex Dorr 27:45
So hopefully our little inventory lapse won't happen again. We were moving from Massachusetts, to Austin, Texas, and out of our facility and we made as much as we possibly could. This was pre COVID or as it was happening. And you know, we just didn't realize the how slow it would it would bring, you know, everyday activities. And so making this next batch we were supposed to have this out many months ago and it just took forever, for not even there's other things like cyber attacks that happened for our partners that just came out of the blue, you know, tons of cyber attacks. So a lot

Lera Niemackl 28:32
—shortage on ethanol, you know, because hand sanitizer—

Alex Dorr 28:35
there's so many ways the year you're 2020 has been a wild ride and it's been a rodeo but we're coming up on on top and I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy and are feeling good. So let's dive in, blend by blend and kind of like what is actually in here because as Lera said, these are a blend of our mushroom and herbal blends and our simples which is just the mushroom, and so we wanted it to taste good. We wanted to add a couple herbs that added some function and just blend all the best of both worlds and make it mostly cordyceps but add just a tiny pinches of other things to just really explode in your tastebuds and in your body. So let's start with cordyceps. This has cordycpes mushrooms. amazing beautiful orange Cheetos that we know and love. It also has guarana seed and these are seeds that contain caffeine, you actually will see them in a lot of energy drinks and there's a good reason for it. And I'm glad they're actually using gurana seed because it's a beautiful seed. It has naturally occurring caffeine and it's Helps energy levels and it tastes. I think it tastes pretty good. We also have lemon and ginger. I always make my cordyceps tea with lemon and ginger and a little honey instead of honey, we added vegetable glycerin. And also we have alcohol to extract all the good stuff. And we have high quality h2o.

Lera Niemackl 30:23
Should we also talk about the difference and cordyceps?

Alex Dorr 30:27
Yeah, let's get into it. If you've been following us for a while, you know that we built the biggest and only certified organic cortices, militaris mushroom farm in the Americas. And for a while it was this half of the world's whatever however you cut that that world in half, there was another farm that popped up in Finland. But yeah, we but if anything, of course, that's our bread and butter and we frickin love them to death. We were growing at an insane speed. And we literally could not keep up with demand. And we are so new to mushroom farming in the us that we are just like, we're learning everything from scratch, especially cordyceps is just like the weirdest mushroom to grow. And so it's way different than any other mushrooms. So we developed all these new techniques that were first in the industry. And it's all on YouTube, you can look it up, we made it free, fully transparent, fully accessible, accessible. So look it up. Lera kind of runs the rodeo of that video, but we partnered with the most badass farm and we interviewed so many farms, we were like really meticulous in this was our baby, we're like we're not handing this over to just anyone. And if they fuck this up, Excuse My French, we're not gonna be happy because we put blood sweat and tears and so many thousands of hours and a brutal amount of money into growing a ton of cordyceps to help people's energy and I have a super personal besides just the business you know, this mushroom was crucial for my Lyme disease I was just zapped of energy and growing my own just in my closet or in the the spare room of this house that I was renting really helped with my energy levels and got me out of bed and helped me write my first book and like was really crucial and fundamental for my love for mushrooms and mushroom revival would not be a thing without them because I would probably be still bedridden and and super tired with Lyme disease, so unbelievably meticulous.

Lera Niemackl 33:00
I think that spreadsheet had over 150 contenders, and only, like two of them, we liked?

Alex Dorr 33:11
Oh, we Yeah, we whittled it, we were and we are with our product, we are Mavericks about quality, just hammering that in there of like, if you don't meet our standards, you're out in so much love. I mean, it's like a, but we found this farm and we love them to death. And they are like, they even blew us out of the water. We're like, Whoa, you have your shit together, way more than we could. And so it's actually a quality upgrade. We were worried it would be like, you know, a little downgrade but more more production. But the quality wasn't there. This is more quality, and more mass, more mushrooms and more people. So we're just we're unbelievably happy. We couldn't be happier. And we because of COVID we can't do like farm tours and things like that. But when everything wraps up, we will have interviews with our farmers. We will have videos everything will be amazing. We'll do like mini documentary series. And we love them to death and we can do without them. So these are even better than what you're used to these cordyceps. So let's let's move on to the lion's mane. This one is almost it's similar to our old lion's mane and people are like if people have tried our lion's mane, it has this super yummy cinnamon and glycerin the sweetness to it.

Lera Niemackl 34:47
There was nothing wrong with that so we really didn't mess with it. With that formula. It was so perfect already.

Alex Dorr 34:54
We had an herbalist. Her name was Kim and she made this blend kind of for like for shits and giggles, why not like just for the team. And the first time I tasted it, I was like, it would be an incredible disservice for the human population if we didn't release this. And so we did. And it's super yummy. And we've been trying to improve upon it, but it's, it's pretty hard. I'm biased, you know, obviously, but, but we're getting a little better. And we're working with the extraction and hopefully with those lab results, we can get better with our extraction with temperatures and times and pH is and things like that, to where we can get the potency yet but the taste I think we've done a pretty good job, but if you disagree, please let us know. Because as you can, hopefully can tell we are constantly improving. And we love evolving and growing and becoming better for you. So if we can do better, please let us know. So that brings us to CALM which is a reishi formula.

Lera Niemackl 36:13
Such a wonderful extracts one of my favorites, actually the one that I am taking every day. But the thing about Reishi is that it's so so bitter. I love it. I could drink it straight from the bottle only Reishi. But bitter is not a very agreeable.

Alex Dorr 36:35
It's not a North American palate that many people agree on.

Lera Niemackl 36:38
To compliment the taste of Reishi, we added passionflower Hawthorne ashwagandha and vanilla.

Alex Dorr 36:45
If 2020 has been a wild one. You need to calm the F down. This one.

Lera Niemackl 36:55
Yeah, it's a good one.

Alex Dorr 36:57
So we had a blend. That was a powder and a tincture, and we call that Mush. 10. And I think it was like in a matter of a week, I got feedback from a few different people who all said the same thing. Who said Oh, it's Mush 10 I thought it was mush 10 I was like mush. No, no, like mushroom. And they're like, Oh, I thought it was weird that you called it mush like mushy stuff. Like it had a weird connotation. Like, wow, I didn't even think about that. And it's great to interview people because they'll tell you things that you just had no idea especially if you have the horse blinders on, can't take them off, you're too close to home, you know, you can't see it for you know, from an outside perspective. So you know, we had a lot of, we had a whole name, name game, and we narrowed it down to DAILY 10 I think it feeds two birds with one seed and that is that it tells people there's 10 mushrooms hopefully. And you take it daily it's a daily it's a multivitamin, and that's what we're going for. This was our multivitamin of someone that heard mushrooms are great just one at all that you know they just down the bottle and they want all the benefits all in one or you know are not too nitpicky about their health, maybe they are not too in tune with their body. And they just want one thing one and done one a day, something that could they can try.

Lera Niemackl 38:46
And the added benefits of the others that don't have their own special bottle like shiitake which is known to support, detox and healthy liver and things like that. So there's chaga all the good ones, all the buzz mushrooms that we previously had are in here, plus carob, elderberry and cherry, which, as you can predict from those ingredients is also a really delicious blend.

Alex Dorr 39:10
Awesome for supporting your immune system. Mushrooms are super power superheroes that help support your immune system and make you into your own very own superhero. And we always used to joke we had a powder in a tincture and we mush 10 we had something on the side that said what's your superpower? And we think it's still reigns true with this one.

Lera Niemackl 39:37
What would your superpower be if you could pick one?

Alex Dorr 39:41
Well, I would like.. well — teleportation for sure. Yeah, I would say time travel but the butterfly effect I would mess things up. I don't want to mess with that. So I say teleportation just be like, Oh, I'm on a beach in Maui. And then you know I'm in Thailand and. It'd be great, be awesome.

Lera Niemackl 40:02
It's a good one.

Alex Dorr 40:04
How about you.

Lera Niemackl 40:05
The power to shrink infinitely. So I could actually look at an atom.

Alex Dorr 40:11
That's on our bucket list. When we met, we had a big 10 little 10 List of our top 10 and our little 10 things that we wanted. And that was one to see an atom.

Lera Niemackl 40:25
Which was close! One of my favorite dates that I've ever been taken on, was from Alex, and he took me to play with an electron microscope, and it was the best day of my entire life.

Alex Dorr 40:35
It was just surprise. And she saw a sign it was like, Wait a second.

Lera Niemackl 40:44
I was you can even you will never know the emotions I felt.

Alex Dorr 40:49
And the the woman who brought us through, like,

Lera Niemackl 40:53
She was like, this is open to the public y'all, you can come here whenever you want. But you're also the first people to reach out in what, three, four years? So they can go ever really ever.

Alex Dorr 41:05
Yeah, no, you were like you were like so do people ask all the time and like we were a special case that I wrote this whole email that you know, it was on her bucket list and top 10 things before she died and all this crazy stuff. So I i thought you know, they were they were secretive. It was a you know, it's a university they don't have time for people to bring their stuff. No, she was like you were the first people to ever reach out. And honestly, this makes my job a million times better because I'm in this like dark room in the basement looking at an electron microscope and nobody cares about except for her. And so we geeked out pretty hard. We saw a gill of a shiitake mushroom that she she had and that was really cool.

Microscopist 41:59
And this one was also air dry, which is not recommended. So if you think about what you do, is we'll be trying to understand a tomato.

Lera Niemackl 42:07
That was a surprising morphology, not what I would have guessed.

Alex Dorr 42:11
This is what the bottle looks like. I will open it up. Oh, cardboard boxes, no more bubble wrap. No more bubble wrap guys we had. We're also insanely passionate about the environment and doing good for Mother Nature. And so we plant trees for every product that we sell. And we planted over 33,000 trees y'all all around the world mostly in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, the lungs, so quote unquote, the lungs of the world, most biodiverse place on the planet. And that feels really good. And so one thing that we're coming across is we have glass bottles and we ship it all over the world and we we actually looking at mushroom packaging, and we thought it would be perfect soon, it's not at a scale yet to make it economically feasible. And so soon though, there are new facilities that are cranking it out and and they're making it better. And we had all these different sizes, all these different products and so we would have all these different molds and all like it got really complicated really quick. So these are great, they have a matte finish really awesome. This is a foil so it's metallic, and the bottle on the side is raised so you can feel it and you could actually almost feel the bottle on the outside of the package. And let's open it up. Got this bottle, super great. And same old tincture that you know and love. We are working on new products. So this is our kind of flagship. These are the products that y'all know and love but are just new and improved. We are working on two iterations in the r&d pipeline right now that are going to blow your socks off. We have been in the r&d just like whiteboarding it up just crazy amount of research on you know industry data and trying it in our kitchen and so many things. We have two products that are going to blow your socks off. are brand new to the industry are super easy to use. super tasty, super beneficial. super sexy and incredible. But these are new babies right here the for the call the energy, the focus and the daily 10 which you will get to know intimately over the next few months. and beyond. So we are super excited for these.

Lera Niemackl 45:07
So what else has changed at mushroom revival we moved, we outsource our fun. We have new products, we have even more new products and route. And we have two new employees.

Alex Dorr 45:21
We have a lot of new people on the team. So we had a lot of changes internally. And we have an awesome new director of marketing. His name is Peter. And he is just like I called his references during the interview phase. And every single one where like he, I question on a daily basis if he's actually real, or if figment of my imagination, because he's almost too perfect. And we talk about him on a daily basis, like we're making dinner and we're like, holy shit, we're unbelievably lucky to have him. And he is a super nerd and just is a computer whiz. And he is in the background working on our new website and our ads and are are everything digital just in the back in the weeds, taking care of

Lera Niemackl 46:25
All those broken URLs...

Alex Dorr 46:26
All the web stuff. Nice guy. So really nice and smart. Who else do we have?

Lera Niemackl 46:34
We also have Jordan, who is our most recent new team member, and she's the community manager and social media marketer, or social media.

Alex Dorr 46:45
I just want to say that I've been hearing there's a lot of confusion. A lot of people think that I run our mushroom revivals, Instagram, I don't and I haven't for a very long time, and I am I barely I tried to barely use social media, although I tend to get sucked in the rabbit hole of mindlessly scrolling through the Explore page on funny videos.

Lera Niemackl 47:14
On your personal account.

Alex Dorr 47:15
Yeah, but I don't. So if you try to reach out and and you think it's me, it's not me. And it really like one of our friends was like, just a couple days ago, was constantly messaging mushroom revivals, his Instagram, thinking it was me. And we're like, No, it's not. And so even our closest friends don't know that fact. And so maybe we didn't make it clear. I don't, I don't touch that account. We have Jordan running that account now. And so if you reach out the DMS or comments, she is an amazing, beautiful, super nice person. And she's super excited about mushrooms as well. And so she is the point of contact and keeping our community happy on our social platforms. So uh, but you know, beyond Instagram, it's Facebook. It's Pinterest. It's YouTube comments. So if you're watching on YouTube, you'll see us but she's responding. And if you ask like a cultivation question or maybe more geeky, in depth question, maybe we'll come in and swoop in to save the day but but mostly her and also emails, if you reach out to the support email, that's also Jordan. She's really knowledgeable, she's really sweet and will help with anything. So any questions, any concerns, any problems that arise, any suggestions, anything, reach out to her and if you want to get in contact with us, you can go through her and she'll put us in contact. And she also manages our affiliates and influencers. So if you want to join our affiliate program, reach out to Jordan and she'll take care of you if you are an influencer and you want to apply or want to support functional mushrooms definitely reach out to her and she'll set you up with all the goodies. There's so many supportive people helping mushroom revival and we can do it with all of our team members and partners and advisors and and you guys tuning in and shrooming in and being part of our family, getting our products, listening in telling your friends reading our blogs. Y'all are incredible and we love you to death. I hope to meet every single one of you in person when COVID ends and we can go mushroom hunting together. geeked out about some in depth topics, throwbacks and tincture shots and the one with the mushrooms.

Lera Niemackl 50:09
So the day that this video is released is the day that we launch. And everything's changed. If you go to our website, there'll be a whole new website. The old products won't be there anymore of the new products. Every podcast you hear from this point on, we'll also have a video component. And all the podcasts that we previously recorded, we're also putting on YouTube.

Alex Dorr 50:34
Let's talk about our setup. So we got new mics. And we used to share a mic we used to crowd around this Yeti microphone. And we we had no idea anything about sound engineering or just anything we would edit on GarageBand I would do a lot of editing and just do it in two seconds. She came in and and I would look at the final line of audio and there would be like 8000 cuts of cutting out all the arms and pauses and everything. I was like, wow, okay,

Lera Niemackl 51:12
you know, alpha game,

Alex Dorr 51:13
got up our game. These are awesome mics and they are sure SM seven v mics. It's what a lot of podcasters use including Joe Rogan, the number one podcast. The sound is super crisp. It's super warm. It's great. I like that we have our own. And we have our own, we don't have to crowd around the mic and the old mic would pick up on a pin drop in the other room. These are really great at cutting out. Let me just show you. If I back away from the mic, you. You know you got to get right up close and personal. And so they're great. And we got these arms stands that suck. I hate these things. This sucks so hard. And it's the same ones that Joe Rogan uses. And he I'm guessing that they just set it up and they don't touch him because they're so finicky. Like you turn a knob, and you have to really put your elbow grease in it and like you got to be strong to move your entire weight.

Lera Niemackl 52:23
I had to put my whole weight on it.

Alex Dorr 52:25
Yeah. And even then, like you, you touch it with your pinky and that is yours because spring

Lera Niemackl 52:29
loaded. Yeah, sorry. defaults to this. very violent.

Alex Dorr 52:35
But if you don't touch it, they are sexy. They look great. And they're great. If they use yours. Don't touch them. We got the sound panels behind us. We got we'll do. We'll do a behind the scenes probably.

Lera Niemackl 52:51
Yeah, sure. Oh, we got a bunch of great lights. If you

Alex Dorr 52:55
Find the scenes, we'll show you what we got. Behind the Scenes of our podcast setup, we'll have another setup for our YouTube videos. But this is our podcast set up in our living room. I'll show you behind the scenes.

Lera Niemackl 53:42
That setup took many hours of research and mentorship. He had, I think three people come and look at what we had going on and just make their suggestions. Put this light here turn like down, put a filter over there. You know all the subtleties that you never ever think of unless you're a movie producer or the geographer and the next couple videos you'll see after this was pre that training so apologies for the we're still in training

Alex Dorr 54:15
Yeah, you're always in forever on believable amateurs of videography and, and everything, sound and everything. And it's so exciting. I mean, shout out to YouTube University for so many hundreds of hours of awesome videos on how to make a professional podcast and video and all the equipment that we need and everything and we're still it's an expensive hobby. Oh my god.

Lera Niemackl 54:50
Yeah. But this is the type of thing that you invest in.

Alex Dorr 54:56
I am I mean, yeah to make sexy thrilling educational content for many years ahead, and we're just beginning guys, this, you'll look back at these videos and you'll be like, Oh my god, the quality of these are so bad. They're so bad. It's like all those YouTube channels where they show their first video they ever met. I mean, our first videos that we ever put out were horrendous. were so bad. And I am so sorry for your eyeballs for if you saw that yours and your ears, our first podcast as well were horrendous. so bad. And a lot of that had to do with we were doing so much we're doing way too much and way over our heads. And we're not keeping it simple, stupid. And like, I had probably 30 job titles, and, you know, was working 16 hours a day. And then was like, Alright, I have a 10 minute break. Let's set up a whole YouTube. Let's write the script, and shoot it and edit it and publish it in 10 minutes. Yeah, just insane. And, and we did it. And you know, a lot of people liked him. Some people thought they were trash, a steaming pile of poop, which they were. But now we're coming with round two. And taking her time and we freed our schedules, and we're bringing more people on the team. So we can really sit down and be unbelievably meticulous about quality and really do it right. So thanks for being if you've been with us since day one. You know what we're talking about? And you're probably like, Yeah, he's, he's cats have come along way. And we're just getting started y'all. We are also working remotely. Obviously, this is COVID, Peter and Jordan that I talked about before. I have met Peter once in person.

Lera Niemackl 57:16
And Jordan once in person, oh,

Alex Dorr 57:19
twice or three times. But

Lera Niemackl 57:20
I've met her once in person.

Alex Dorr 57:22
Yeah. And we're super tight. It really goes to show how you can connect with people over the internet. And that's what we're really trying to do is we would love to be in your living room or you in our living room and geeking out about mushrooms, but we can't do that. And we want to reach as many people as possible. And so how can we do that and stimulate as many senses as possible. Making mushroom semi sexy keep it simple, stupid. Bringing this content to wherever you want to tune in from if you want to listen to it while driving or, you know mopping your floor or laying in your couch or laying in a field or on your

Lera Niemackl 58:05
Or pouring your agar plates.

Alex Dorr 58:06
Pouring your agar plates! Yeah, tons of people saying that they work at mushroom farms and they they listen to our podcast. Awesome. Keep it up, keep growing those mushrooms. I love it. But we're working from home and I'm sure most people around the country if not the world are doing the same. And keep it up. We're also growing a bunch of Reishi around the house beautiful bonsai sculptures, keeping it fungal in our home.

Lera Niemackl 58:42
We're also growing some metarhizium and beauveria, which are parasitic fungi to bugs. And we have a cockroach problem here in Austin as many astronauts and Texans do. Alex had the morbid idea of sticking a live cockroach into a inoculated grain jar of two of the most productive.entomopathogenic fungi. And what's so funny is the first time it worked. That cockroach was myceliated and done for within 48 hours at most. Then Then there's this other homie, we he's been in there for we almost a week, maybe two weeks at this point.

Alex Dorr 59:25
I think it's more than two weeks at this point. Just having a ball just doesn't go live doesn't care. His dead friend is right next to him and he's just like, I can survive this. No worries you,

Lera Niemackl 59:37
you know we should should we let him go? At some point, you know if he doesn't turn over because they can survive like, what 50 days without food?

Alex Dorr 59:46
A month. He's halfway or she or they are but

Lera Niemackl 59:52
They could be eating the rye berries. Like what if they're getting some sort of nutrition for that?

Alex Dorr 59:58
I don't know. You know

Lera Niemackl 1:00:00
Anyways, lots of fungus, fungal things happening in this house.

Alex Dorr 1:00:05
To wrap it up, we are pumped with this new launch, we are a little bit behind with the Reishi. And we are so sorry, we, our production team had a little mishap with our Reishi batch. And they had to redo the whole batch, unfortunately. But it's coming, and hopefully it will come before Christmas, if you celebrate that, fingers crossed, and we hopefully can ship it in time, but no promises, fingers crossed that that happens and the universe pulls through with that. And then you can really calm down, but don't stress out too much. And these three are available now you can pre order the Reishi. And right now we are doing a Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday sale, whatever you want to call it, and you can get 25% off our subscriptions. So if you subscribe to any of these products, you can cancel anytime before we had, you know a to order minimum, we don't have that anymore. You know, you can order once, get the discount and cancel it, we will honor that. Don't do it though. And I it is a trust system. It's a trust system, because

Lera Niemackl 1:01:39
You should only subscribe to what you know and love.

Alex Dorr 1:01:42
We think you're going to love them so much that you're going to double your order, and you won't cancel. And that's just the trust system that I we're just going to have to trust you. You know, we we know you're good people. And you wouldn't do that to us. So but if you do, if you don't like it, you know that it's all on you. I think it's a slim chance. And we will we have 100% Money Back Guarantee. If anything happens, just reach out, you know, we just want mushrooms in your body, doing good stuff. And we want to spread the mushroom love. And so

Lera Niemackl 1:02:21
Keep up the good work everyone.

Alex Dorr 1:02:23
If it's not us somebody else and we're equally as happy. Because really, we just want you geeking out with mushrooms and we want you to revive your health and feel better. That's all that's all it's about. We want you to feel better. You know. And so if our product is not for you, that's totally fine. We just want you to feel better. And we think it totally will and that you're going to frickin love it. And you're going to keep coming back for more. And you're going to tell your friends and you're going to subscribe to all of them. And you're going to keep passing around, you're going to go to your dinner parties, and you'd be like be heard of a tincture? Have you heard of these mushrooms? Do you know what the biggest organism on earth is?

Lera Niemackl 1:03:09
The fastest?

Alex Dorr 1:03:10
The fastest! And you're going to throw all these fun facts out of your pocket through like wow, mushrooms are really fantastic. And they're incredible. And they're unbelievable. And you're like yeah, you know you're tuned into this podcast

Lera Niemackl 1:03:27
Because there's so many reasons that we don't have time to cover for why fungi are so amazing. But stay tuned because each episode after this we are going to dive super super deep into something that's already niche and highlight what makes the fungal world so amazing, so juicy, so relevant, and so delicious.

Alex Dorr 1:03:49
If you want a good holiday present to give your friends and family these right here, they're the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for friends and family because 2020 Health is number one really just feeling good is at the forefront it should be at the forefront of all of us it's been a wild ride so we should we deserve to feel good and feel healthy and supercharge our immune system support our bodies and our systems to feel the best that we could possibly do all while planting trees around the world making the world a better place supporting communities that need healthy environments healthy innards, healthy world making the world a better place. So with that head over to our site Subscribe, get some new products, taste the new goodies. Reach out to us. Stay tuned for new episodes new educational YouTube videos and we love you so much. We hope you are healthy and happy and stand positive and are feeling good.

Lera Niemackl 1:05:09
Mush love everyone. See you next time.

Alex Dorr 1:05:12
May the spores be with you!