What to Know About Reishi Extract for the Heart, Body, and Soul*

What to Know About Reishi Extract for the Heart, Body, and Soul*


What To Know About Reishi Extract For The Heart*

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is known by many names, such as “mushroom of immortality,” and “10,000 year old mushroom.” In China, it is called Lingzhi, which translates to “spirit plant.” This revered mushroom has over 2,000 years of recorded use in China and Japan. Reishi is a bright, shiny, burgundy-colored, kidney-shaped bracket mushroom. It often has a white outside edge that thins out as it matures. Its striking fruiting body is often found growing on dead trees in dense woodlands throughout the world, including China, North America, and even in the Amazon Rainforest. They favor chestnut, hemlock, oak, and other broad-leaf trees.

Reishi is traditionally prepared as a tea. It is not typically eaten as is because of its hard, woody texture, which better lends itself for hardy teas, broths, and extracts. In ancient China, Reishi was reserved for royalty. Its distinguishable shape was often carved on doors and archways throughout the emperor’s residences, as a symbol of good health and long life.* We are fortunate to have easy access to this beloved mushroom today!

Reishi is well known to support many systems of the body, but here we will focus on how it specifically may support cardiovascular health within healthy ranges.*

Reishi Extract: Where Ancient Tradition and Modern Science Meet*

According to the Pen Ts'ao Kang Mu (The Great Pharmacopoeia), a 16th-century text compiled by Le Shih-chen, Reishi supports “Qi of the heart” — and is believed to help support longevity.* (1)

Today, Reishi extract is commonly used by herbalists, Traditional Chinese Herbal practitioners, and other holistic health professionals to support a range of functions, including energy and immune health.* (1) Studies suggest that Reishi may also support cardiovascular and circulatory health within normal ranges.*

Some of the constituents found in Reishi by the Chinese University in Hong Kong include ganoderic acids A, B, C, and D, lucidenic acid B and ganodermanontriol. These compounds have positive qualities, allowing Reishi to possibly support balance and cellular health within the normal heart and cardiovascular system function.* 


Mushroom Revival’s CALM Reishi extract is made with 100% fruiting body. Our certified organic tincture is packed with only the highest quality organic ingredients. We don’t use any mycelium on grain, no fluff, so you’re getting only the good stuff.

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Traditionally, Reishi is believed to support the emotional heart as well.* Its bright red color and heart shape alerts us to the possibility that it may lend its support to the heart’s energy.* Reishi has a very grounding and centering energetic quality. It is known to be an adaptogen, supporting the body’s natural response to occasional stress.*

Reishi is often called the Queen of Mushrooms – and she reigns with benevolent love. Here at Mushroom Revival, we love the Queen!*

We plant a tree for each purchase, so we can promote the health of the Earth as well as our own.

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