The Best Time to Take Cordyceps for Maximum Benefits
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The Best Time to Take Cordyceps for Maximum Benefits

Best Time to Take Cordyceps - Mushroom Revival

Cordyceps militaris is a species of fungus that has been used traditionally in Asian cultures for centuries and now is being integrated into lifestyles around the world.  

The fungus is unique in that it parasitizes caterpillars in the wild, leading to a distinctive growth pattern. However, commercially cultivated Cordyceps militaris is often grown on a substrate, and it doesn't involve the parasitic relationship with insects.

Cordyceps mushrooms have the power to support the body's energy levels, which translates to a range of benefits, including the promotion of athletic performance andmental alertness; These mushrooms are of intrigue to the mushroom community for their possible nutraceutical qualities; The term "nutraceutical" is a combination of "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical," and it refers to food or food products that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition.  

Ensuring you properly incorporate these functional mushrooms into your daily lifestyle can unlock a myriad of benefits to your overall vitality, enabling you to become the healthiest version of yourself!

To show you how to maximize the efficacy of cordyceps mushrooms, we have created this detailed guide, unraveling the major health benefits of taking cordyceps, the best times for consumption, different ways of taking cordyceps, and much more. Dive in to find out how to optimize your health with these fantastic fungi!

Understanding Cordyceps and Its Health Benefits

Cordyceps are functional mushrooms that offer a range of health and wellness benefits when ingested, such as supporting your body’s immunity and energy levels thanks to their nutraceutical properties.  

In this section, we reveal the varieties of cordyceps mushrooms available and explore the range of benefits presented when you consume them to help deepen your understanding of these remarkable mushrooms.

Cordyceps Sinensis Vs Cordyceps Militaris

There are two types of cordyceps: cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris, each of which possesses its own unique qualities and benefits.

Cordyceps sinensis (also known as 'Olympic Mushrooms' due to their energy-supporting qualities) are traditionally cultivated using an insect host, such as a caterpillar. However, nowadays, there are vegan-friendly versions of cordyceps sinensis, which are alternatively extracted from a nutrient solution.

Cordyceps militaris is a popular variety that's grown in various ways, such as in jars with a supplemented rice substrate, without the need for an insect host.

You'll typically find that most cordyceps supplements are made from militaris rather than sinensis because its cultivation tends to be more practical and ethical. Cordyceps militaris also have a range of overall health benefits that are widely desired by people seeking to improve their health.

Key Benefits of Taking Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are believed to contain a variety of bioactive compounds that impact the body with a multitude of health benefits. Whether you're seeking to heighten your athletic performance, improve your cognitive functions (such as memory and concentration), or support your immune system, these functional mushrooms have the potential to revolutionize your well-being. 

Here are eight overall health benefits of taking cordyceps mushrooms:

    1. Support your energy levels and stamina.
    2. They  support your immune health.
    3. Support cognitive health and uplift your mood.
    4. They support heart health and healthy cholesterol levels.
    5. They support your kidney, thyroid, and adrenal system.
    6. They Contribute to overall metabolic well-being.
    7. They promote joint well-being 
  • They support a balanced inflammatory response in the body.

  • Unraveling the Best Time to Take Cordyceps

    In order to reap the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms, it's paramount to incorporate them into your daily routine to ensure your body is adequately supported.

    The effectiveness of cordyceps can also vary depending on when you consume them. Whether your goal is to increase your energy, sustain your immunity, or support your cognitive functions, you must strategically choose the right time to take cordyceps. 

    Here's how different timings can optimize the benefits of cordyceps:

    Morning Dose

    Because of their energy supporting properties, cordyceps are your valuable morning supplement that encourage energy levels throughout the day while concurrently supporting mental clarity and focus, ensuring you kick-start your day with a boost of vitality!

    Some advocate that cordyceps are an outstanding alternative to morning coffee, offering the same spark of energy without the jitters and crashing effect that caffeine causes.

    Evening Dose

    Taking cordyceps supplements in the P.M. also poses its own unique benefits. If you have undergone exercise throughout the day, the properties of these mushrooms which support the body’s inflammatory response also extend to help support muscle recovery, making it an excellent natural post-workout. 

    Cordyceps are also believed to promote relaxation and encourage better sleep quality, ensuring your mind and body can properly unwind after a long day.

    Optimizing Cordyceps Intake for Specific Goals

    Understanding how to tailor your intake of cordyceps can optimize the benefits of this functional mushroom, empowering you to achieve specific health goals. Here are some key ways you can streamline specific benefits of cordyceps mushrooms:

    For Athletic Performance

    Due to those very same mushroom properties that support energy, cordyceps are a terrific natural pre-workout supplement - especially for high-intensity exercise! Cordyceps militaris mushrooms have potent adaptogens which support natural energy levels, endurance and stamina- obviously all aspects of our body we want to capitalize on in the gym! By taking cordyceps one to two hours before your workout, your body will be fully prepped to achieve its full potential during your workout.

    For Immune System Support

    Ensuring you take cordyceps consistently throughout the day can contribute to your body's immune defense. Supporting your immune system helps your body to stay strong and at its peak performance throughout the notorious cold and flu seasons.

    For Overall Well-being

    To work towards your body's overall well-being, you must ensure you take cordyceps twice a day, during the early morning and early evening. This will ensure your intake timing aligns with your body's metabolism. This also allows seamless integration into your daily routine, promoting sustained wellness throughout the day and that very same feeling you have cruising down the freeway with the top down.

    How To Take Cordyceps

    A frequently asked question regarding cordyceps is, 'How can I take them?'. Whether you're taking cordyceps sinensis or cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps supplements can be consumed in various ways, ranging from gummies to capsules.

    Exploring the different ways you can consume cordyceps will help you choose the best supplement that best aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. Here are a few different forms of cordyceps that you can purchase:

    #1 Capsules

    Cordyceps in capsule form, such as the Get Sh!t Done Mushroom Capsules, offer a convenient and precise dosing solution

    They are superb for people who are always on the go, ensuring quick and easy consumption that doesn't compromise efficacy. Capsules are also fast-absorbing, making them perfect if you need a quick pick-me-up.

    Best Time to Take Cordyceps - Mushroom Revival

    #2 Powder

    Cordyceps powder is a remarkably versatile form of this mushroom, enabling you to incorporate your daily dosage in a plethora of delicious ways so you never get bored with taking cordyceps! You can use a powdered formula, like the top-rated Energy Cordyceps Powder, to create cordyceps tea, smoothies, coffee, and fresh juice.

    Best Time to Take Cordyceps - Mushroom Revival

    #3 Tincture

    Cordyceps tinctures, such as the bestselling Energy Cordyceps Tincture, pose as a fast-working solution that delivers the benefits of cordyceps swiftly, making it an ideal method for those seeking an exceptionally quick and effective method of consumption.

    You'll only need a couple of squeezes of the tincture, either directly into your mouth or into your preferred drink, before you feel the revitalizing and uplifting effects of the cordyceps.

    Best Time to Take Cordyceps - Mushroom Revival

    #4 Gummies

    Cordyceps gummies, like the indulgent Get Sh!t Done Gummies, are the perfect supplement for anyone seeking a tasty treat that's also wonderfully healthy!

    Ready to eat in a portable resealable packet, these supplements are ideal for busy bodies who are always on the move and constantly glued to work, like students and entrepreneurs - they also serve as a delicious replacement for conventional gummy sweets, which are otherwise unhealthy.

    Best Time to Take Cordyceps - Mushroom Revival

    Addressing Common Concerns and Precautions

    Cordyceps mushrooms are generally considered safe for most people when consumed in appropriate amounts.  However, as with any supplement or food product, individual responses can vary and one should be aware of monitoring how their body reacts when first trying mushrooms, especially if someone has a known mushroom allergy. 

    Consult a Healthcare Professional

    As with any supplement, always double-check whether it's safe for you to consume cordyceps with a healthcare professional, especially if you have a specific medical condition, sensitivities or are currently taking medication. By consulting with a medical professional, such as your doctor, you can receive tailored advice and in-depth information about mushrooms.


    Cordyceps mushrooms are considered a multifaceted organic supplement that is widely acknowledged for their diverse tapestry of benefits, including the potential to support energy, immunity, cognitive functions,  inflammatory response, and much more! 

    Whether you opt for a quick and easy capsule form, a fast-acting tincture, a versatile powder, or deliciously sweet gummies, cordyceps supplements serve as a holistic solution to better health and wellness.

    Ensuring you strategically consume cordyceps to help achieve your desired health goals, whether that be exploring your peak athletic performance or working towards better concentration, mushrooms will undoubtedly encourage your body to be as harmonious as the Vienna State Choir. 

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    Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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