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Where to buy Lion's Mane - "Nature's Nutrients for the Neurons"


Lion’s mane is a unique mushroom — its Latin name Hericium erinaceus translates to “hedgehog,” and the mushroom does indeed resemble the spiny columns of hedgehog quills. Hericium has long been admired in the west for its novel appearance, but has recently become more renown due to its impressive reputation in mushroom studies. The most prominent quality of lion’s mane, by far, is its neuroprotective support properties. For this reason, it is quickly being adopted by consumers who seek out nootropics. LION’S MANE: BEYOND THE BRAIN

Lion’s mane is great for supporting cognitive function, but its offerings go beyond that.* This mushroom has shown to be an effective stimulant for nerve growth factor (NGF), which plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis.* It contains diterpenes, known as erinacines, that mimic NGF; one of which is an opioid that is reported to support pain control and support a regimen for anxiety and depression.*

Another prominent effect of lion’s mane is its ability to support gastric normalcy.* In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mushroom was used for supporting gastric ulcers.* 

Topically, lion’s mane has been used as a styptic by Native Americans to stop bleeding from cuts or scratches. When ingested, lion’s mane can support the healing of wounds.*


When you buy lion’s mane, in order to reap all the benefits lion’s mane has to offer, be sure you are purchasing 100% fruiting bodies — ideally, organically grown. This criteria is something we proudly abide by at Mushroom Revival. Not only are we using organic fruiting bodies, but we also make sure to carefully extract the compounds to offer an effective product. Many mushrooms’ compounds are in the forms of beta-glucans and triterpenes. More often than not these require dual extraction (alcohol and water) to be made available.*

At Mushroom Revival, we start with a powder made from 100% organic fruiting bodies, which have been lab tested and verified for high beta-glucan levels and negligible starch levels. Tincture making begins with an alcohol extraction, and then using that same menstruum for hot water extraction. They combine to render a 35% ethanol, shelf stable, potent tincture. We make sure to control evaporation during alcohol extraction to ensure compounds stay in the liquid.*

Our mindful production of our products results in a quality product that we want to share with the world! Anyone who desires to reap the benefits of functional mushrooms deserves to try them with confidence. Try Mushroom Revival today.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.