Your Complete Guide to Functional Mushroom Extracts and Supplements

Your Complete Guide to Functional Mushroom Extracts and Supplements

Your Complete Guide to Functional Mushroom Extracts and Supplements

From sleeping on a bed of clouds to no longer running just on fumes, if you’re clear on which areas of your health and wellness you’d like to support, you can select the functional mushrooms you’d like to take with relative ease. 

Spoiler alert: you’ll likely find yourself wanting to try them all as you revive your health. That’s totally normal and expected. Everyone loves being able to build a five-second routine that levels up your health by 10x.

But how do you want to take your mushrooms? Mushroom Revival offers a wide range of options: tinctures, capsules, powders, and gummies. Which type of supplement is best for you?

When trying to answer this question, many people’s minds go straight to “how can I get the most from my mushrooms.” Interest naturally shifts to how to get the most benefits from the mushrooms you’re taking every day.

What type of functional mushroom product is most effective?

After all, you want to get the most potent mushroom bang for your buck. To answer this question accurately, let’s review how our mushroom products are made.

This might differ with other makers of functional mushroom supplements, but we stand by the maximum potency of every product we make–and we don’t cut any corners in quality, meaning every one of our mushroom supplements is produced to be as potent as possible. 

We use exclusively mushroom fruiting bodies for extractions, not mycelium or mycelium on grain. The fruiting bodies are where the good stuff lives; in fact, testing shows that fruiting bodies can be up to 400x more potent. Mycelium has additional starch–which is awesome for providing structural support to the growing mushrooms, but isn’t the part of the mushroom containing the most nutrients, adaptogenic compounds, and other important compounds. (We have an entire podcast where mushroom expert Jeff Chilton does an in-depth comparison between fruiting bodies vs mycelium.)

We also do double extractions with primarily water as well as alcohol, to get the most out of each mushroom and help move things along even more. We tailor the ratios for each mushroom to achieve maximum extraction of all the beneficial compounds. These extracts are then used to make our products, which we then laboratory test and quality control.

Because we use mushroom fruiting bodies and the double extraction method for everything we sell, you don’t need to think of any of our types of products–capsules, tinctures, powder, or gummies–as being more or less effective than the others. Your choice comes down to what form you prefer, based on what fits your daily life.

The most effective functional mushroom product is the one you regularly take. The best way to choose is to consider where in your daily routine you plan on taking your mushrooms, and then pick the type of product that most smoothly fits in with that routine.





Easy to take on-the-go if you travel or commute

Readily absorbed by the body makes them fast-acting

Easily add to a hot or cold drinks like smoothies and coffee

Fun and convenient to take as a healthy treat

No taste

Slightly tangy taste

Cordyceps Energy tastes like mocha;
Lion’s Mane Focus tastes like chocolate; Daily 10 tastes like maple syrup

Sweet although low-sugar, taste like candy

Swallow or break open and scatter on food

Place a few squeezes under the tongue or into your food or drink

Mix into a beverage or food of choice

Eat like any other snack


May have a slight bit of caffeine



Are tinctures or liquid extracts better than capsules?

The choice between tincture (aka liquid extract) or capsules comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. 

We find that our customers who choose capsules tend to like the ease with which capsules can be transported. Whether you travel a lot, commute to work each day, or otherwise find yourself on-the-go, capsules can be a convenient option that help you stick with taking your mushrooms regularly.

We highly recommend storing some capsules in your bag, by your desk, on your bedside table, or wherever they make the most sense depending on how you use them. Having these capsules on-hand when you need them is one way to make it even easier to be consistent, and regularly support your body & mind. It’s easy enough to keep a few capsules in a little case or baggie.

Tinctures are likely your fastest-acting option, and adding a few squeezes under your tongue promotes maximum absorption into the bloodstream. Adding tinctures to food or drink is super easy, and works well for people who don’t like swallowing a pill. 

Keeping a bottle on-hand where you need a tincture the most is a great way to help yourself stay consistent with your wellness routine. Although you can take them on their own, our tincture can easily be placed on your food or in your drink. You can do everything from boost your smoothie with Focus to step up your cocktail game with Calm–whatever works for you!

If you’re taking multiple mushroom supplements each day, remember that you don’t have to take them in the same way. For example, you might opt into a Focus lion’s mane capsule in the morning to help support your mind throughout the day, but then take a few squeezes of the Calm reishi tincture at night to support your slumber.

What is mushroom powder good for? Does it taste good?

Functional mushroom powder is a delicious choice for anyone who likes to add a bit of support to their smoothies, coffee, or tea, as well as for anyone who doesn’t like having to swallow a capsule. If you already have a breakfast or nighttime beverage routine, adding a scoop of mushroom powder likely fits in nicely with your routine.

Mushroom powder added to a drink will likely start to kick in a bit faster than a capsule, which needs to go through more of the digestive tract before it’s able to reach your bloodstream. 

Our customers love the taste of our different mushroom powders:

  • Energy powder made from cordyceps tastes like a mocha coffee, supporting energy levels throughout the day with no crash or jitters. One of our favorite recipes is a coffee-free Energy mushroom latte, made with frothed oat milk.

  • Our Focus powder–from lion’s mane–has a creamy chocolate flavor but is dairy-free and totally vegan, just like the rest of our Mushroom Revival products. Try adding it to your coffee to give some loving support to your brain lasting throughout the day.

  • Then there’s our Daily 10 powder–leveraging the power of ten different functional mushrooms to provide all-around physical and mental support–that adds a bit of maple flavor to whatever you put it in. For a sweet kick to your morning matcha, or a flavor boost to your nut butter-based smoothie, get ready for a new VIP in your routine.

Are mushroom gummies as effective as tinctures, capsules, or powders?

Because we use mushroom fruiting bodies and double extraction in all of our products, yes–mushroom gummies can be just as effective as tinctures, capsules, or powders in supporting your physical and mental wellness.

So why choose mushroom gummies? Because they’re a fun, tasty, and healthy treat! Mushroom Revival gummies are formulated to be low-sugar, so they taste like candy without the sugar crash that comes with most sweet treats. Similar to capsules, they’re easy to carry on-the-go, but they don’t require a drink of water to swallow.

Pair them up with any multivitamin gummies you may already take, and you’ve got quite the lovely wellness snack break!

How can I combine mushroom products?

If you decide to take different mushrooms–for example, Calm for sleep and Focus for the work day–you can choose to take them all in the same form, or you can mix’n’match your styles to meet your preferences and habits.

Like we said above, the most effective way to take mushroom supplements is to be consistent with them. If you like to add a few squeezes of tincture or a scoop of powder to your morning coffee, but would rather take a capsule later in the day, that’s awesome! Whatever fits into your daily routine will help you best support your own wellness.

Of course, if you choose to take different mushrooms in the same form, you should explore the various Mushroom Revival pre-made bundle options or even build your own, and enjoy a discount along the way!

For answers to even more questions about how to take full advantage of the benefits functional mushrooms can offer, see our FAQs section.

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Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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