The Best Way to Take Functional Mushrooms

The Best Way to Take Functional Mushrooms

Best Way to Take Medicinal Mushrooms

Why Fungal Supplements are Good for You, Plus the Best Way to Take Functional Mushrooms

Within the world of natural supplements, mushrooms are often overlooked. Like most herbs and plants, mushrooms may have powerful properties beneficial to human health.* Almost every edible mushroom you can think of has a functional offering. In fact, some mycologists express that they don’t know the difference between gourmet and functional mushrooms anymore. Shiitake, morels, and even truffles exhibit possible unique benefits. However, while gourmet mushrooms may be beneficial, not all functional mushrooms are feast friendly. Eating the eligible mushrooms is certainly one way of obtaining their beneficence, but what is truly the best way to take functional mushrooms? We have to consider the physiology of fungi to understand this.

Mushrooms have a chitinous cell wall, found also in the exoskeletons of arthropods, which need to be broken down to access the beneficial polysaccharides. Many functional mushrooms are extremely tough, and can be as hard as wood. We cannot simply chop and sauté them; the best way to take these mushrooms is in extractions that have opened up the cell walls to release the constituents. Even for the palatable mushrooms, decoctions and alcohol extractions are the best way to take functional mushrooms for acquiring a full-spectrum, potent extract.

Mushrooms As Our Kin

Mushrooms are not plants, and they perform differently in our bodies than plant and animal matter. We share about 50% of our DNA with fungi, and our similarities lie heavily in how we synthesize proteins. Fungi breathe oxygen, emit carbon dioxide, and have to metabolize their food — just like us. These biological parallels portray a forgotten closeness between Animalia and Fungi, the takeaway being that mushrooms and us mammals have similar needs, similar problems, and therefore similar solutions. If a fungus is confronted with been deprived of oxygen, it has this amazing ability to adapt. That adaptation expresses it self in biochemistry that may be ingestible by us mammals and may support a similar purpose in our bodies.

Forty percent of pharmaceuticals are derived from fungi, with penicillin being the most renowned. This trillion-dollar industry spends hugely on research and development, which is a reason for fungal based products to be taken seriously. While we don’t condone use of pharmaceutical drugs for unserious ailments, the sole fact that Big Pharma incorporates fungi is a reflection of the its potential voltage in the body.*


The Best Way to Take Functional Mushrooms: Choose Wisely

Adding mushroom supplements to your life may be just the thing you need to maintain a healthy body amongst the inescapable toxicity in our modern world. Refer to this page for details about individual mushrooms and their beneficial properties.

If a mushroom strikes your interest, give yourself the gift of trying it out! To feel the difference it can make in your life, it’s important to find a quality product that has been mindfully extracted. For the best way to take functional mushrooms, the three things you should look for are:

Organically Cultivated or Wildcrafted Mushrooms

The expression ‘you are what you eat’ applies to mushrooms, as well. To ensure you’re getting a healthy, vibrant mushroom, opt for organic or wildcrafted sources.

Liquid Extracts or Powders Made from 100% Fruiting Bodies

It’s best to stray away from mycelium on grain, since the mycelium is not only less potent, but it will also be watered down with grain.

Dual-Extracted Mushrooms

The beneficial compounds found in mushrooms are a combination of alcohol-soluble and water-soluble compounds. To get full-spectrum, look for extracts that contain both.

We Think the Best Way to Take Functional Mushrooms is in Products from Mushroom Revival

At Mushroom Revival, we are proud to offer ready-to-consume mushroom supplements with all of these considerations. Integrity and potency are our main ingredients when it comes to making our tinctures and blends. Now that you know the best way to take functional mushrooms, click below to learn more about each of our products!

Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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