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Harness the power of functional mushrooms to support your energy, immune system, brain power, and kick occasional stress in the butt.

  • “Expert mycologist”
  • “Rated Best tincture”
  • “The number one mushroom podcast in the world”
  • “The largest producer of C. militaris in the country”
  • “Unique and Fascinating Mushrooms”

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Why Mushroom Revival?

  • Potent Quality Potent Quality

    Potent Quality

    We only use the fruiting bodies, aka the most potent parts, and have no mycelium on our grain.

  • Passionate Expertise Passionate Expertise

    Passionate Expertise

    From our crops, to scientists, and beyond we are people who know our stuff and love what we do.

  • Transparency Transparency


    Enjoy free education-centric materials, and if you ever have questions our lab results are available to you.

  • Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly


    We use sustainable packaging, focus on the environment, and have planted 133,000 trees to date.

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