Why Having The Best Mushroom Supplements Is A Non-Negotiable for Your Health

You want peak mental performance. You want to leave brain fog and repetitively feeling sluggish far off behind you as you conquer your days with clarity and focus. 

But let's get real. In a world filled with promises of quick fixes, finding something that supports your brain and body health to the point where you can actually notice a difference- well, that can feel about as likely as waking up a wizard, Harry!

There are so many companies that market themselves really well, but in reality, their product does not provide nearly as many health benefits as they would have you believe. The ingredient list and quantities of anything nutritious in them are just- weak.

The Mushroom industry is no different. Nearly two-thirds of tested mushroom supplements contained significantly less of the advertised mushroom species than what was listed on the label. [1]

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I want you to know how to feel what I feel now: Prodigious. 

“Prodigious: Marvelousness exceeding belief, usually in something that is felt as going far beyond a previous maximum of goodness, greatness, or intensity. 

I’ve been running on fumes. Insane brain fog that just left me feeling unmotivated and directionless. Stress levels on overdrive, and immune health clearly not cutting it. I tried the whole medicine thing, but I had Lyme disease, and what conventional medicine was pushing me to take was not working at all. 

AND it wasn't doing anything for my mental health and trust in my capability to execute great work.

That's when I stumbled into the world of functional mushrooms. I was growing my own mushrooms, making tinctures, and incorporating them into my life wherever possible. I’ll keep my story here brief, but I SWEAR to you-  YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS.

Whether you buy our product or not, I want you to know that mushrooms can change your life.

Alex Dorr - Reishi Mushroom 

How You’re Being Mushroom Duped

Here's the thing: the mushroom supplement world can be a bit of a Wild West. You might have read some of the stories of products with mystery ingredients or heavy metals.

Yeah, some studies have found supplements contaminated with heavy metals.

Lead and arsenic. 

These contaminants can build up in your body over time and lead to a whole host of health problems. Abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue, headaches, irritability, memory loss, and muscle weakness to name a few…

Not to say that there aren't quality companies making excellent adaptogenic mushrooms, because there are! But, for the average consumer, it's really hard to distinguish between the companies that take shortcuts to save money and the good guys trying to improve your overall health.

This means you are spending money and probably not getting the benefits you're looking for! 

So, if I might risk … arsenic poisoning [?!?!]...why go with functional mushroom supplements vs. traditional supplement pills or just stick with my daily 4 coffees? 

First off, four coffees is a ton of money every day, what are you doing?

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Forget about those supplement pills stuffed with mystery fillers and synthetic junk. Your body deserves better, and functional mushrooms are the real deal. They're not some magic cure-all, but they're like a brain-boosting power-up, unlocking your potential and helping you feel like a total rockstar.

You should be all about Fruiting Bodies NOT Mycelium!


Here's the key: Functional mushrooms come in two parts - mycelium (the network of threads underground) and fruiting bodies (the familiar mushrooms you see above ground). While some companies use mycelium on grain in their supplements, it's like getting half the story. Mushroom Revival uses 100% of the fruiting body - no mycelium on grain. We're so confident in the quality of our ingredients. We even show you the results! Just scan the QR code on your package to see the lab reports for yourself.

Research shows fruiting bodies, the part you actually eat, contain a higher concentration of those good-for-you compounds, like beta-glucans and triterpenes, that make you feel amazing. Mycelium is like the root system, focusing on growth and development, while the fruiting body is the mature part of the mushroom, packed with the most potent benefits. For a more in-depth exploration of Mycellium vs. Fruiting Bodies, check out this episode of the Mushroom Revival podcast. 

Let’s Change Your Life

Functional mushrooms aren't a magic bullet, but they can be a powerful tool to elevate your cognitive performance and unlock your brain's full potential. It's a safe, natural way to feel your best, both mentally and physically.

Check out  Lion's Mane Mushroom For Your Brain

Think of it as mental fuel and brain health support.

Studies suggest Lion's Mane mushrooms are considered one of the best mushroom supplements for brain health and cognitive function, boasting nootropic benefits.

Lion’s Mane supplements can keep your mind sharp and memory on point. Look for dual-extract supplements for an extra brain power bonanza.

>> Try our organically grown, USDA certified, Lion’s Mane Supplements

Reishi Is The OG Chill Pill

Nature's adaptogen, organic Reishi supplements help your body manage occasional stress, promoting relaxation and well-being, and even immune health. 

Pair it with calming herbs like chamomile for ultimate zen vibes.

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Chaga: Nature's Wild-Crafted Bodyguard 

This adaptogen, sourced directly from the wild, is a powerful protector, offering antioxidant benefits.

 It can be a bit bitter, so try capsules or blends with complementary flavors. 

Check out something like Mushroom Revival’s Daily 10 Mix for a potent combination mushroom complex for experiencing the benefits of Chaga + 9 other mushrooms!

Cordyceps To Get Energized Naturally

Tibetan cultures prized Cordyceps for its natural energy support. Combine cordyceps supplements with Rhodiola Rosea for a pre-workout power-up. 

We even have a blog on using Cordyceps pre-workout for ultimate performance if you’re a die-hard fitness person who wants to experiment with a more organic routine. 

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Turkey Tail Is Your Gut's New Hero

Move over kale. Turkey Tail is your gut's new superstar! This powerhouse mushroom delivers a double whammy: a healthy gut microbiome and serious immune system support.

Here's the secret sauce: thanks to our 100% fruiting body formula, we pack an extra punch of 1,3 1,6 beta glucan polysaccharides, specifically polysaccharide peptide (PSP) and polysaccharide  krestin (PSK). These bad boys are world-famous for their immune-supporting properties.

Want to give your gut an extra high-five? Look for a mushroom supplement with prebiotics. Our Daily 10 Mix features Turkey Tail alongside 9 other amazing 'shrooms to keep your gut happy and your brain sharp. Get ready to feel like a total champion from the inside out!

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Maitake: The Master of Balance

This mushroom is all about resilience. The maitake mushroom is a powerful adaptogen. Its unique compounds help your body adapt to occasional stress, support energy levels, and optimize overall well-being. 

Make sure you look for brands that prioritize purity and potency so you can be sure to get the full spectrum of adaptogenic benefits maitake has to offer.

>>Try it in capsules or a mushroom blend for well-rounded benefits.

Make Sure You Get THE BEST Quality

We've built a network of partner mushroom farms all over the world. These are the best expert mushroom farmers we could find, with a dedication to quality that matches our own.

Your Mushrooms Should Be Organically Certified

Our mushrooms are meticulously cultivated on high-quality hardwood substrates. 

There's one exception: our Cordyceps. These guys thrive on rice during their growth phase, but don't worry – we only harvest the fruiting bodies, aka actual mushrooms, so there's no rice in the final product. And when we say "final product," we mean it. 

None of the substrate makes it into the bottle or capsule, preventing any fillers or contamination.

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Transparent Companies

We have a lot of certifications for a reason. 

Organically grown and USDA Certified Organic mushroom extracts are just the beginning. We're gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and NSF-certified cGMP compliant.

We take clean ingredients seriously, with no artificial additives, because we’re in the business of making your body the best

5 X Tested

Our mushrooms go through a rigorous process of lab testing at least five times throughout their journey. This ensures there are no heavy metals, no contamination, and that you're getting the highest quality mushrooms on Earth. 

We're so confident we even show you the results. Just scan the QR code on your package to see the lab reports for yourself.

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