Lentinula edodes


Shiitake helps to support digestive regularity, promotes healthy liver function and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system which in turn supports the skin for a radiant glow. Shiitake also contains numerous vitamins and minerals that support the entire body!*


Shiitake is noted for its immune support potentials. It contains the popular 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans which promote health immune responses, and has compounds that support healthy cell turnover. 


Shiitake’s Latin name is Lentinula edodes, lent meaning “supple,” and edodes meaning “edible.” Native to Japan, China, the Korean peninsula and other areas of East Asia and grows on hardwoods. Shiitake is a classic cap and stem mushroom that has a delicious umami flavor and is enjoyed in culinary dishes. This mushroom supports a nutritious diet containing all the essential amino acids, iron, B vitamins and more!*

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