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  • The word “meshima” translates to “women’s island” in Japanese, which aligns with how this functional mushroom may support women’s health.
  • The meshima mushroom has a long legacy of use in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean herbalism.
  • Like our other functional mushrooms, meshima has adaptogenic potentials that may help it support mood and a healthy response to the occasional stressor.

What are Meshima mushrooms and why are they important?

Meshima, scientifically known as Phellinus linteus, is a mushroom shaped like a horse’s hoof and has a layer-like growth pattern. Like Reishi, this mushroom delivers a bitter taste. Interestingly, Meshima doesn’t have a stem and rather grows “shelf-like” off the tree it’s growing on. Meshima typically grows on tree trunks, and is often spotted on Mulberry trees in Japan, as it decomposes wood and fruit. 

Those foraging for Meshima can find the mushroom growing along a tree trunk, and even high up on some branches. Lucky mushroom foragers can also find the fungi growing on the lower parts of the trunk, or even on a fallen log. 

Meshima, known as “song gen” in Chinese and “sanghwang,” in Korean, is a well known functional mushroom in traditional Chinese and Korean herbalism.* It is among one of the more well known mushrooms in Asian countries, and has been consumed for hundreds of years to help promote dietary health and support a healthy immune response.*

In Japanese, Meshima translates literally to “women’s island,” and accordingly helps support women’s health.* While it is not as common as other ‘super-shrooms’ like Reishi, Turkey’s Tail, and Chaga, it has certainly reached the attention of scientists far and wide for its supportive health benefits. This ancient mushroom has recently become one of science’s modern marvels, as it is being studied for its many healthful qualities.*


What compounds are in Meshima?

Meshima contains special carbohydrates called  1,3 / 1,6 beta-glucans which are a type of polysaccharide like other functional mushrooms in our Daily 10 formula. These compounds help support immune health. Other compounds in Meshima that help immune health are: 

  • PBP, PGC, PLP, PPC, 
  • Hispolon
  • Ellagic acid which supports overall health and wellness.*
  • Phellifuropyranone A
  • Meshimakobnol A and B. 
  • Caffeic acid for natural detox support and energy levels.* 

What are the benefits of taking Meshima mushrooms?

Meshima may help support female health.* 

Meshima mushrooms are one of the best adaptogens for women to take, which is why it literally translates to ‘Womens Island’.* Meshima mushroom supports healthy breast cells, and promotes normal menstruation.* Polysaccharides are a key component in Meshima’s ability to support women’s overall health.* 


Meshima may help support a healthy immune system.*

Due to Meshima’s polyphenols, and 1,3 / 1,6 beta-glucans, this mushroom has been traditionally used to support bodily functions and healthy immune responses.* Meshima is typically taken in combination with other functional mushrooms such as Maitake and Reishi. You can find Meshima, Maitake, & Reishi in our Daily 10 Tincture that's packed with seven other amazing mushrooms for overall support!


Meshima can provide the mind and body with adaptogenic support.*

As a functional mushroom, Meshima has adaptogenic potentials that help support the body’s response to occasional stress and fatigue.* Adaptogens are a group of plants, herbs, and fungi that help the body ‘adapt’ and maintain an overall balanced state. We like to describe the way adaptogens support the body like the way cruise control supports a car’s functioning. The cruise control supports the car in adapting to the external factors, it keeps it running the same speed regardless. This is the same way that adaptogens such as Meshima help support our minds and bodies. 


Ways to enjoy Meshima Mushrooms / How to use Meshima Mushrooms

Meshima Mushroom Tinctures:

Consuming Meshima in a tincture is a wonderful option for supplementing this functional mushroom. We love tinctures here at Mushroom Revival for so many reasons but the most important is that tinctures are the most bioavailable way to take Meshima. When we say bioavailability we are talking about the time that it takes the beneficial compounds of Meshima to start moving and grooving their way through your bloodstream. 

Tinctures are a very easy way to incorporate Meshima into your jam-packed days; it is as easy as taking two droppers full under the tongue and swishing around in your mouth for at least twenty seconds. If you do not want to take them directly under the tongue you can mix the tincture into your favorite hot or cold beverage by stirring or mixing until completely dissolved. Our tinctures come in 2 oz bottles which makes them the perfect size to travel with and throw into your purse, gym bag, or backpack to supplement Meshima whenever you feel like you need support!

We advise that you always make sure your Meshima tincture is double extracted (like our Daily 10 formula). A dual-extraction is the only way to get all of the beneficial compounds from Meshima; this is because some of those compounds are alcohol-soluble and others are water-soluble. Dual-extractions allow the mushroom to go through both an alcohol extraction and a water extraction, giving you the most potent product. 

Meshima Capsules and Powders:

Functional mushroom capsules with Meshima are a great format to choose if you currently have other capsules that you regularly take. Most of us are used to taking supplements in capsule form, which makes adding this to your routine relatively easy.  Adding Meshima capsules into that mix will make it more likely that you stick to taking them consistently. 

If you’re not a fan of swallowing capsules then Meshima powders might be for you! Functional mushroom powders have been gaining popularity over the past few years and there’s a great reason for that! Functional mushroom powders are extremely versatile and easy to use. You can simply scoop the powder and blend it into your favorite beverage with little taste impact. If cooking and baking bring you joy you can also add Meshima powders into your weekly recipes for additional support. Some of our go-to ways to add functional mushroom powders into our routines are in overnight oats/chia, smoothies, soups and broths, no-bake protein bites and other treats. 

One important thing to remember about functional mushroom products (including capsules and powders) is to make sure they are always formulated with ‘fruiting bodies’. Fruiting bodies are the above ground part of the mushroom that contain the beneficial compounds. We make it a point to provide this information because there are mushroom supplements popping up left and right that don’t use fruiting bodies. It is much cheaper to formulate powders and capsules with ‘mycelia’ or ‘mycelium on grain’, and it makes a less potent product. You can think about mycelia as the underground roots of the mushroom similar to the root systems you would find in your garden or houseplants. Meshima and other functional mushroom capsules and powders that contain ‘mycelia’ or ‘mycelium on grain’ are going to contain a good amount of ‘filler’ or ‘fluff’ because the substrate the mushrooms have been grown on has been powdered down too; as opposed to supplements that just contain fruiting bodies. 


When to take Meshima Mushrooms

When is the best time to take Meshima?

When it comes to functional mushrooms like Meshima, consistency is key! Because functional mushrooms are adaptogens they will support your mind and body throughout the day, not just at a specific time. We always like to suggest taking a look at your current routine and see what you are doing that is consistent. Do you drink coffee every morning? Adding a Meshima tincture or powder to your daily cup of joe would be an easy addition.  Do you go for a run or head to the gym at a certain time every day? Toss our Daily 10 tincture into your bag or keep it close to your sneakers or water bottle. What about in the evening, do you have a little zen moment with a warm cup of tea? Add a Meshima tincture or powder to it; or take two capsules while your tea is steeping! 

There’s nothing complicated about adding functional mushrooms to your life; it’s just a matter of how you can set yourself up for success and how you can be consistent in taking your supplements. 

What to look for in Meshima mushroom supplements

As we previously noted, making sure any tincture you purchase is dual-extracted is super important. Choosing a dual-extracted tincture can set your mind at ease because you know that you are getting all the goodness of both the alcohol-soluble and water-soluble compounds. 

We also discussed the importance of choosing a supplement that is formulated with fruiting bodies and not mycelium on grain. By choosing a supplement that uses fruiting bodies you know that you’re only putting the ‘good’ stuff into your body and not filler and fluff. If you are not sure if the supplement uses fruiting bodies or mycelium feel free to reach out to the company and ask. We always have quality as our first priority here at Mushroom Revival. We are currently experiencing a shroom boom and there are new mushroom products hitting the market every day.  This is why lab testing is so important when it comes to your functional mushroom supplements. Lab testing ensures that your supplements are free of chemicals and heavy metals, and. also shows you the beneficial compounds that are in your supplements. All of our supplements at Mushroom Revival are third-party lab tested. You can easily scan the QR codes on your products packaging or access the lab results directly from our product pages. 

We also recommend always sourcing supplements that are USDA certified organic. This means that everything in the growth operation is held to a higher standard to ensure the highest quality mushrooms. It’s important to know what is going into your body and by ensuring that it is 100% USDA certified organic it is less likely that the supplement will contain contaminants and anything else that wouldn’t be beneficial to your mind or body. 


Potential Side Effects of Meshima Mushroom

We have not heard of any known side effects of Meshima mushrooms. As always we recommend discussing any new supplements in your routine with your primary care physician or a medical professional before starting them.

Want to learn more about Meshima, click here!***

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival. He launched Mushroom Revival with a mission to revive health with the power of mushrooms.

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