Meshima – Mushroom Revival


Phellinus linteus


With a particular affinity for female health, Meshima is an appropriate name for this mushroom— its literal translation is “Women’s Island.” Meshima mushroom supports healthy breast cells, and promotes normal menstruation.* 


Due to Meshima’s polyphenols, beta-glucans, and antioxidant support, this mushroom has been traditionally used to support bodily functions and immune responses. Meshima is frequently made into a tea and is drunk on a regular basis in many Asian countries, especially Korea.* 


As a functional mushroom, Meshima has adaptogenic potentials that help support the body’s response to occasional stress and fatigue.*


Meshima is also known as black hoof mushroom because it resembles a horse hoof. It is most commonly found growing on mulberry trees in China, Japan, and Korea. 

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