Functional Mushrooms and The Herbal World with Chris Marano – Mushroom Revival

Functional Mushrooms and The Herbal World with Chris Marano

Episode ELEVEN is a special interview with Chris Marano. This one is a solid one if you want to learn more about functional mushrooms and the herbalism world from someone with a lot of experience and wisdom. Think of this episode like your complementary 101 class on herbalism, with a focus on fungi.
Chris Marano brings over thirty years experience as a bonafide educator with bachelors and masters credentials from Columbia University (Pre-med major, Eastern philosophy and spirituality minor) and Columbia Teachers College (MA in sciences education), with over twenty and counting years teaching biology, anatomy-physiology, environmental studies and herbalism at the secondary school and university level (currently teaching ‘Topics in Herbalism’ in the Sustainable Foods and Living Program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst). Clearpath School of Herbs has been teaching people interested in broadening and deepening their personal understanding of holism as well as educating and nurturing aspiring herbalists since 2000.