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You’ll Gobble Up These Facts about Turkey Tail Benefits*

Get to Know Turkey Tail Benefits*

Turkey Tail is one of our favorite mushrooms, and it’s among the 10 mushrooms in our Daily 10 Tincture for Immunity and Health.* This blog will fill you in on the basics of this anything-but-basic mushroom — and share some facts about Turkey Tail benefits.


*Turkey Tail is a gorgeous mushroom! It looks like the widespread tail feathers of a wild turkey, which is how these striped, fuzzy polypore mushrooms earned their common name. They feature repeating bands of color, ranging from white and brown to blue and gray.

Its Latin name is Trametes versicolor (and also Coriolus versicolor). Turkey Tail’s species name translates to “changeable in color” or “of a variety of colors.”Trametes translates to “one who is thin,” which is quite fitting for Turkey Tail!

Since Turkey Tail is vibrantly colored, it’s easier to spot in the wild than more camouflaged mushrooms. Keep an eye out for Turkey Tail clusters on hardwood deciduous trees in Europe, Asia and North America.

Get to Know Turkey Tail Benefits*

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive deeper into Turkey Tail benefits.*

How Turkey Tail was used traditionally

Turkey Tail has a rich, deep history of use in traditional Chinese herbalism. It has been used in China as far back as the Ming Dynasty, starting in the 14th century. Then, health practitioners used more than 120 strains of Turkey Tail mushroom.*

Turkey Tail was traditionally made into a tea, since the mushrooms are too tough for you to cook and gobble up (sorry, we couldn’t help that turkey pun). This is the simplest preparation, and it helps extract many of the active compounds.

Traditional uses include:

  • digestive tract support*
  • immune system support*
  • liver health support*
  • upper respiratory tract support*
  • urinary tract support*

The fiber content of Turkey Tail*

Turkey Tail and other mushrooms contain a special type of fiber called prebiotic fiber. It may support the healthy flora in our digestive tract.* Since so much of your immune system lives in your gut, this is one way that Turkey Tail supports them both.*

Turkey Tail and immune support*

In addition to its deep traditional history, Turkey Tail has a rich story in modern times. It is the most-researched mushroom in the world, largely due to two specific polysaccharides. They are called PSP (polysaccharide peptide) and PSK (polysaccharide K). PSK and PSP have both been shown to promote a healthy immune system.*

According to research, PSK supports the immune system, including T cells that connect the body’s innate and adaptive immune functions.* PSK may promote a healthy responses to invaders.*

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