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Reasons to Consider Cordyceps For Athletic Performance*

How Cordyceps May Promote Energy, Stamina, and Lung Health*

Amateur and pro athletes around the world are turning to herbs and mushrooms to support their training and performance.*

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Cordyceps sinensis vs. militaris

Thousands of years ago, Cordyceps sinensis (now known as Ophiocordyceps sinensis) was so revered in Traditional Chinese Herbalism that only the emperor was allowed access to them. C. sinensis is the wild variety of the mushroom, which typically grows on insects in the Himalayan foothills. More recently, C. militaris, a cultivated variety of Cordyceps mostly grown on rice or grain, has been developed to allow more affordable access to this wondrous mushroom. As both varieties are known to provide similar support, they are often used interchangeably.*

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Cordyceps for Athletes*

Cordyceps has traditionally been used for its adaptogenic properties, and its support for the body’s immune defenses and respiratory health.* As an adaptogen, Cordyceps may support the body during times of occasional stress.* Athletes will be happy to learn that this mushroom supports the body’s natural energy levels, may support endurance and stamina in already energized people.* Cordyceps is known to promote the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), naturally supporting energy on a cellular level.* 

Cordyceps is known to promote a healthy circulatory system, supporting the maintenance of oxygen in the bloodstream, and promoting lung capacity in a healthy respiratory system.*

Here at Mushroom Revival, we only use the fruiting bodies in our products. The fruiting bodies of mushrooms contain polysaccharides, specifically a type called beta-glucans, which have been shown to support immune health* and overall wellness.* By using the fruiting bodies and not mycelium, our Cordyceps promote a healthy immune response.*

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Whether you are an Olympic athlete, an ambitious amateur athlete, or simply enjoy going for the occasional hike, making Cordyceps a part of your routine can support your game!*

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