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Elevate your well-being with these essential benefits:

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    Lion’s Mane contains hericenones, hericerins, erinacerins, and other amazing properties that support nerve growth factor in the brain.

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    Reishi contains triterpenes, namely ganoderic acids which are immunomodulators and help support against occasional inflammation post-workout and create homeostasis in the body to reach a sense of calm.

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    Immune Function

    Functional mushrooms are packed with special polysaccharides called 1,3 1,6 beta glucans which are immune supporting powerhouses in the body.

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    Energy and Endurance

    Cordyceps contain cordycepin and adenosine which are compounds that support our natural ATP production in our body.

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  • Backed by world renowned mycologists

  • Promotes gut health, immune function, energy and endurance, focus and relaxation

  • 10 second ritual for 10x your health

  • No mycelium on Grain

  • 100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

  • 100% Organic

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

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  • All our products are third-party lab tested, and we’re always transparent with the results.

  • We are 100% USDA certified organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, NSF Certified GMP Compliant

  • We use 100% mushroom fruiting bodies (aka actual mushrooms), no mycelium on grain, no fillers, no fluff. We are completely transparent about our labeling, and back up all of our decisions with hundreds of peer reviewed scientific papers.


  • 100% fruiting bodies (aka real mushrooms)

  • Dual extracted

  • Certified USDA Organic

  • Third party lab tested

  • Happiness Guaranteed

  • Scam

  • Not extracted

  • Made with sketchy ingredients

  • Mycelium on grain (no mushrooms)

  • No testing, uknown safety or potency



  • Scam

  • Not extracted

  • Made with sketchy ingredients

  • Mycelium on grain (no mushrooms)

  • No testing, uknown safety or potency

Backed by Nutritionists

10 second ritual to 10x your health

Reviving your health has never been so easy and tasty. Designed for people of all ages and all dietary restrictions. Vegan, Gluten-Free, 100% USDA certified organic.

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Game Changer!

Certified game changer! So much energy, no "jitters" or crash

Michael H.

So Far So Good

It's been a week since I started taking these and I must say. It sure has been a productive week!

I'm pretty darn pleased.

Byron E.

Honestly The Best

This bundle has helped me so much. I feel better, I sleep better, I have so much more energy, and it might be the placebo effect but I've noticed I feel happier much more often since using these products.

Carly F.

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We plant a tree for every product sold. To date, we have planted over 93 thousand trees around the world. Why trees you ask? Fungi that connect to tree roots hold up to 70% of carbon in the soil and are crucial for our fight against climate change.

Since our products are 100% USDA organic, we limit the amount of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemicals that are leached into our environment.

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