Cordyceps Energy Tincture – Mushroom Revival
Cordyceps Energy Tincture
Cordyceps Energy Tincture
Cordyceps Energy Tincture
Cordyceps Energy Tincture
Cordyceps Energy Tincture

  • Product Details
  • Supports:

    • Energy and endurance
    • Occasional stress adaptability
    • Athletic performance
    • Metabolic function 

    Our founder and CEO, Alex Dorr, was continually zapped of energy. After trying everything, he eventually found functional mushrooms, specifically cordyceps militaris, which revived his energy and got him back on his feet. That’s why he launched Mushroom Revival to help people feel better and feel themselves. 

    When you just need to get sh!t done, cordyceps mushrooms support energy on the cellular level to help you stay focused and energized to power through the day.*

    Do you ever drink coffee only to be attacked by the jitters, terrible acidity and that dreaded afternoon crash? Do you catch yourself reaching for sugary snacks and drinks? Cordyceps does none of that crap. They can provide a quick, healthy jolt of energy that you can take on the go.

    Pick Cordyceps. Get sh!t Done. Feel Better. Feel Yourself. 

    In our proprietary cordyceps formula, we’ve added Guarana seed which naturally contains caffeine, and then added some lemon and ginger for that extra citric bite. (Don’t worry, it’s not that classic “mushroomy” taste at all) 

    Each Product Plants One Tree! Learn more here. 


    Feeling a little lost with this information or have specific questions? Check out ourFAQ to learn about the basics and more.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Suggested Use
  • Take two squeezes of the dropper bulb on the tongue or in your favorite drink. Take more as desired.
  • Ingredients
  • Cordyceps Mushroom
    (Cordyceps militaris 1:1)*
    Guarana Seed
    (Paullinia cupana)*
    Ginger Rhizome
    (Zingiber officinale)*
    Lemon Peel Oil
    (Citrus limon)*

    Other ingredients: Deionized Water, Organic Cane Alcohol*, and Organic Vegetable Glycerin*. Alcohol content: 30-40%

    *Certified organic
    • 100% mushroom fruit bodies.
    • No mycelium on grain.

  • Test Results
    • gf These compounds support your immune system.

      1,3/1,6 Beta Glucans: 1.949% 

    • GMO Heavy metals are toxic.

      Heavy Metals: Below Limits

    • GMP High levels make you sick.

      Biological Contamination: Below Limits

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17 August 2021
Mary L.
United States United States
Five Out of Five Stars- My Revival

...I started with Alex’s Mushroom Revival drops and have cut out coffee almost over night by supplementing with cordyceps. I’ve learned a lot about mycelium and how it can be biomassed and wrongly labeled and sold by other big companies, producing instead a starch dominant product; mycelium grown on oats ( NO THANKS!) Alex is highly educated in his field and has business integrity that needs to be trusted. There’s a lot of “mushroom and mycelium products” out there, but Alex has proven why Mushroom Revival is a 100% authentic product. I am a lifer customer and I will share this with anyone who needs more energy, less coffee... I’ll be coming back for Lions Mane next! Strong work, Alex! Your business integrity and knowledge is noted and prized and very rare in today’s mass market, money hungry economy. Hands down, you know what you’re doing and your commitment to product integrity and customer service and education is obvious! Peace and mush love and appreciation. You’re doing everything right and I am grateful for your work and attention to detail. Thank you! -Lena Glenn, Olympia, WA

12 July 2021
marjorie d.
United States United States
Get Sh-t done...without jitters!

Who doesn't need a bit of a kick start to get thru the day? Love your Cordyceps Energy as I get the energy but no jitters and can still sleep at night. Best products on the market. Thank you for being obsessed with quality!

12 April 2021
marjorie d.
United States United States
Natural energy!

I love the energy boost from your cordyceps- better than competitors. No jitters and can take in afternoon and can still sleep at night. Thank you