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Superhuman Capsules

First certified organic mushroom capsules in the world. A 10 second ritual to 10x your health and unlock your vital energy with functional mushrooms (non-psychoactive). Cordyceps mushrooms are a caffeine free, jitter free, crash free natural superfood to feel on top of the world.
  • Energy and endurance
  • Occasional stress adaptability
  • Athletic performance
  • Metabolic function
  • Immune function
  • Overall Health
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Kosher
  • NSF Certified
  • USDA Organic
  • Vegan
  • Top Quality
  • Fast Shipping
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Returns
  • SSL 100% Secure

Product Details

Mix Daily Tincture

Test results

1,3/1,6 Beta Glucans: 1.65%

Heavy Metals: Below Limits

Biological Contamination: Below Limits

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What does it mean to be a superhero? Super human speed and defense against “bad guys” sound good to you? Meet our superhuman bundle for the doers, go getters, busy, single, or new parents, biohackers and self proclaimed super humans. 

When you just need to get sh!t done, cordyceps mushrooms support energy on the cellular level to help you stay focused and energized to power on through the day.* Think of Daily 10 as your secret ingredient for daily good vibes. This blend of TEN pure and potent mushrooms helps keep your body and mind operating efficiently. As adaptogens, functional mushrooms help support your body's natural ability to react to occasional stress and addition to supporting your immune system. Grab your cape, and these two bottles and you’ll be thinking of a superhero name for yourself in no time. 

Energy Supports:

  • Energy and endurance*
  • Occasional stress adaptability*
  • Athletic performance*
  • Metabolic function*

Daily 10 Supports:

  • Immune function*
  • Occasional stress adaptability*
  • Overall Health*


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