Get Sh!t Done (ENERGY + FOCUS) – Mushroom Revival
Get Sh!t Done (ENERGY + FOCUS)

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  • This dynamic duo will ready you to knock things off your to do list. Calling all students, studiers, project completers, entrepreneurs, busy bodies, and to do list champions… This is your jet fuel for your mind and body. 

    Need help cutting through the bullsh!t to stay focused? Our Lion’s Mane tincture has got your brain covered. When you just need more gas in the tank, cordyceps mushrooms support energy on the cellular level to help you stay focused and energized to power on through the day. 

    Take a squeeze straight up or in your favorite morning brew.  This couldn't be easier to create a 10% healthier life. Think of this as a 5 second daily routine to help you jumpstart and karate kick your day without the jitters or crash. 

    Focus Supports:

  • Mental clarity, focus and recall*
  • Cerebral and cognitive function*
  • Gut Health*
  • Nervous System*

  • Energy Supports:

  • Energy and endurance*
  • Occasional stress adaptability*
  • Athletic performance*
  • Metabolic function*

  • Suggested Use
  • Take two squeezes the dropper bulb of each tincture on the tongue or in your favorite drink. Take more as desired.
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  • Cordyceps Energy

    Lion's Mane Focus