Sunrise Bundle (ENERGY + FOCUS + DAILY 10) – Mushroom Revival
Sunrise Bundle (ENERGY + FOCUS + DAILY 10)
Sunrise Bundle (ENERGY + FOCUS + DAILY 10)

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  • Do you start the day by making a superfood elixir or smoothie? Rise with the sun and start your day with a huge smile on your face. These three all star players will drive you through the day and will be there no matter what life throws your way.  Take them right when you wake up or whenever you’re feeling that mid afternoon slump, Energy, Focus and Daily 10 have you covered. Make every day a great day with functional mushrooms on your side. 

    When you just need to get sh!t done, Cordyceps mushrooms support energy on the cellular level to help you stay focused and energized to power on through the day.* Need help cutting through the bullsh!t to stay focused? Try our Lion’s Mane Focus tincture. This little mushroom supports mental clarity, focus, and recall for natural brainpower to keep your mind right.* Think of Daily 10 as your secret ingredient for daily good vibes. This blend of TEN pure and potent mushrooms helps keep your body and mind operating efficiently.

    Cordyceps Energy supports:

    • Energy and endurance*
    • Occasional stress adaptability*
    • Athletic performance*
    • Metabolic function*

    Lion’s Mane Focus supports:

    • Cerebral and cognitive function*
    • Gut health*
    • Nervous system*

    Daily 10 Mushroom Mix supports:

    • Immune function*
    • Occasional stress adaptability*
  • Suggested Use
  • Take two squeezes of the dropper bulb on the tongue or in your favorite drink. Take more as desired.
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  • Mushroom Mix Daily 10

    Lion's Mane Focus

    Cordyceps Energy