Coronavirus, Immunity, and Mushrooms with Dr. Heather Moday

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Immunity, and Functional Mushrooms with Dr. Heather Moday

March 23, 2020

Alex Dorr and Lera Niemackl

In this episode we will go over the ins and outs of our Immune system, Coronavirus (COVID-19), how functional mushrooms play a role in our immune system, gut health, and tips and tricks that Dr. Heather Moday recommends for Coronavirus.

Dr. Heather Moday is trained in both traditional and functional/integrative medicine and has spent the last 25 years studying science and medicine with emphasis on immunology. She started the Moday Center to help individuals transform their relationships with their health by optimizing their personal environments, upgrading their nutrition, and improving their stress to live a happy, vital, productive life free of disease. Dr. Moday also has special interest in the gut/brain connection.


Mushroom Revival is an Organic medicinal mushroom company based in South Deerfield Massachusetts. We are mushrooming the culture around mushrooms. We want to revive the way people view mushrooms as medicine for people and the planet. We help people gain more energy, a better nights sleep, a clearer mind and a bullet proof immune system. We also plant one tree for every product we sell, revitalizing health inside and out.

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