Beta-Glucan Test and Mushroom Supplements with Dr. Barry McCleary


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Beta-Glucan Test and Mushroom Supplements with Dr. Barry McCleary

Barry McCleary, founder of Megazyme, and developer of the much needed beta-glucan test for the mushroom supplement industry. Dr. McCleary gives us an extensive review on the structure of polysaccharides & beta-glucans and how to detect them in the lab. We also discuss recent publications on the topic and their implications.

Dr. Barry McCleary received his PhD and DScAgr (Doctor of Science in Agriculture) degrees from the University of Sydney. Dr. McCleary’s contributions to analytical chemistry have been recognized at the highest level by analytical associations in the US, Europe and Australia; acknowledging his role in improving food standards throughout the world. His paper “ Measurement of β-Glucan in Mushrooms and Mycelial Products” was published in the Journal of AOAC International in 2016 and was the second most downloaded paper in 2017.

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